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Welcome to everything you need to know about the world of Daily Fantasy Sports!

On this page, we will give you the basic information about what it is like to play Daily Fantasy Sports or ‘DFS’ and the different places you can play it!

What is Daily Fantasy Sports or ‘DFS’?

Daily Fantasy Sports or ‘DFS’ combines the thrill playing fantasy sports and betting on each individual game.

You can either compete against the house or against other players to win cash prizes.

One of the other interesting features of DFS apps is that they are 18+ to use, in comparison to normal Sportsbooks, which are 21 & up.

There are different types of DFS apps that have different rules and set ups that we will cover in this article so let’s dive into some of the best apps to play Daily Fantasy!

Best Sites and Apps for Daily Fantasy

Lightning Lineups DFS

  • Lightning Lineups
  • Prize Picks
  • UnderDog Fantasy
  • Thrive Fantasy
  • DraftKings Fantasy
  • BetOnline Fantasy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?
Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS is taking the concept of fantasy sports and allowing a bettor to bet on how their team will do in each individual game.
Where can I play DFS?
There are many apps and websites with DFS as an option or main features. Prize Picks, Underdog and Lightning Lineups are a few of the best DFS apps on the market.
How old do I have to be to play Daily Fantasy?
DFS is available to players 18 and older in legals betting states.

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