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Sports betting has taken over the sports viewing experience and if you are lucky enough to live in a state the offers you full access to the mobile betting market, then you are enjoying all it has to offer.

But what if you live in a state that doesn’t offer as much access Sportsbooks?

Well, luckily for some of you, Daily Fantasy Sports or ‘DFS’ is available in more states in the USA and there are many options you can choose from for your sports betting needs.

As of right now, DFS is available in 43 states.

That is ever changing as more and more states adjust their laws so be sure to check back on this page to find out when your state goes live!

On this page, we will break down what is DFS and the best Apps where you can can play Daily Fantasy!

What is Daily Fantasy?

Daily Fantasy combines the thrill playing fantasy sports and betting on each individual game.

You can either compete against the house or against other players to win cash prizes.

One of the other interesting features of DFS apps is that they are 18+ to use, in comparison to normal Sportsbooks, which are 21 & up.

There are different types of DFS apps that have different rules and set ups that we will cover in this article so let’s dive into some of the best apps to play Daily Fantasy!

Prize Picks Daily Fantasy

Prize Picks is an app that makes playing daily fantasy fun and easy to access!

Prize Picks App Features

Prize Picks App Features

The app is sleek and easy to use and it incredibly fun to play. Here is a breakdown of how to use the app. Prize Picks gives you daily projections for each player from any league and gives an over and an under for a betting line.

For example, if you are wanting to bet on the Super Bowl, you could use Prize Pricks to pick 2-6 players from the game and either pick their over or under stat projection and pair them together to try an win a cash prize!


Where is Prize Picks available?

Prize Picks has become increasingly popular and is available in 33 states across the US and is growing into new markets every day. Prize Picks Availability Map

All in All, Prize Picks is one of the best options for DFS play and is available across the US, making it a must-try for all sports bettors.

Underdog  Daily Fantasy

Similarly to Prize Picks, Underdog Fantasy is a Daily Fantasy App available to download on the App Store and Google Play that gives you the thrill of the game, right at your fingertips.

Underdog Fantasy App Features

Underdog Fantasy App Features

Underdog is a DFS where the you pick 2-5 players any given night and simply select whether they will go over or under their selection.

If all of your selections are correct, you win!

There are thousands of selections available, from NFL, to NBA, to more obscure sports such as MMA, Soccer and even Racing!


Underdog also give you the option to compete against other players in head-to-head matchups, which separates itself with a feature that its competitors like Prize Picks doesn’t offer.

Where is Underdog available?

Underdog Fantasy Availability Map

Underdog Fantasy Availability Map

Underdog is currently available in 40 states for Draft and Pick ‘Em selections and 31 states for full use of the App.

Underdog is one of the best overall DFS apps for ease of use and the multiple features it offers, from head to head play and and individual contests.

If you are in a state that offers Underdog, give it a try today!

Lightning Lineups

Lightning Lineups, offered by the website Owners Box, is a new and incredibly fun way to dive into the world of DFS play.

It’s motto is Spin, Pick and Win.

Based on the idea of a slot machine, you are given random selections of 3 players to make up your ‘team’.

If you don’t like the 3 players selected, you spin again, just like a slot machine.

Once you land on 3 players that you think will score you the most fantasy points, you lock it in and compete against 2 other teams to win the prize money!

It’s that simple.

Lightning Lineups Example

Lightning Lineups Example

Lightning lineups is available to play for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

Where is Lightning Lineups available?

Lightning Lineups Availability Map

Lightning Lineups Availability Map

Lightning Lineups is available in 36 states in the US and all of Canada and is available for any player over the age of 18.

Why Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy Sports is an exciting and different way to enjoy betting on your favorite sports game.

If you enjoy focusing more on individual players instead of the game, DFS is for you!

Fantasy sports and leagues have become incredibly popular and DFS ties in all the fun of picking your fantasy lineups with the added bonus of winning money along the way.

It is also more widely accessible across the US than standard Sportsbooks and is available to adults 18+ in comparison to 21+ for standard Sportsbooks.

All in all, DFS is a fun, easy, and free way to enjoy betting on any sporting event!

If you have more questions about how to use these DFS apps or any other DFS resources, get in touch with us on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?
Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS is taking the concept of fantasy sports and allowing a bettor to bet on how their team will do in each individual game.
Where can I play DFS?
There are many apps and websites with DFS as an option or main features. Prize Picks, Underdog and Lightning Lineups are a few of the best DFS apps on the market.
How old do I have to be to play Daily Fantasy?
DFS is available to players 18 and older in legals betting states.

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