NFL Preseason Week 2 Predictions & Odds

Devon Platana

Week 1 of the 2022 NFL preseason is in the books, leaving a new slate of games right around the corner. Expect to see an even higher level of intensity as players continue to fight for a 53-man roster spot following the first cut-down deadline on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

As usual, bettors are always searching for the latest odds to add some excitement to the exhibition action. Fortunately, we’ve gathered the latest Week 2 NFL preseason odds heading into each of the upcoming matchups, along with a prediction and best bet for every game.

NFL Preseason Week 2 Odds — Thursday, Aug. 18

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds

  • Date: Thursday, Aug. 18 @ 8 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Chicago Bears +4.5 (-110), Seattle Seahawks -4.5 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 42.5 (-105), UNDER 42.5 (-115)
  • Moneyline: Chicago Bears +175, Seattle Seahawks -210

Odds are via FanDuel Sportsbook.

The Chicago Bears opened the NFL preseason with a 19-14 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. While that’s impressive on paper, the Bears looked far from good, getting outscored 14-0 in the first half while their offense came once the Chiefs’ best players were removed. Additionally, the offensive line looked absolutely dreadful.

Though the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 32-25, there were still things to like in defeat. For instance, Drew Lock threw for 102 yards and two touchdowns on 11 completions, ending with a passer rating of 131.1. The Seahawks also put up 339 total yards of offense, which might be tough for the Bears too much due to their lack of playmakers.

With the Bears slated to be one of the worst teams this season, I see the Seahawks winning here.

Prediction: Seahawks 22, Bears 12

Best Bet: Over 42.5 Points (-105)

NFL Preseason Week 2 Odds — Friday, Aug. 19

Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots Betting Odds

  • Date: Friday, Aug. 19 @ 7 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Carolina Panthers -2 (-110), New England Patriots +2 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 40.5 (-110), UNDER 42.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Carolina Panthers -130, New England Patriots +110

The Carolina Panthers enter this matchup following a 23-21 victory against the Washington Commanders. While the momentum will help, Carolina nearly lost the game in the fourth quarter when the team was outscored 15-3. The well-coached New England Patriots can take advantage of that kind of leeway, so the Panthers must be better.

Speaking of the Patriots, they lost, 23-21, to the New York Giants to start the preseason. Considering how New England has won nine of its last 12 exhibition games, it’s clear that performance may have been a one-off. With how deeper the Patriots are, defeating the Panthers shouldn’t be too difficult.

Prediction: Patriots 24, Bears 14

Best Bet: Patriots ML (+110)

New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers Betting Odds

  • Date: Friday, Aug. 19 @ 8 p.m. ET
  • Spread: New Orleans Saints +3 (-110), Green Bay Packers -3 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 39.5 (-110), UNDER 39.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: New Orleans Saints +135, Green Bay Packers -160

The New Orleans Saints lost, 17-13, to the lowly Houston Texans last week, meaning a better effort is needed in Green Bay. The Saints were actually in control for nearly 58% of the game, but couldn’t get things done. It certainly doesn’t help that they coughed up the ball three times with two fumbles and an interception.

The Green Bay Packers also opened up their exhibition schedule with a 28-21 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The main culprit behind that loss was backup quarterback Jordan Love, who gifted the 49ers with three interceptions. It remains to be seen how much playing time Love will be given this week.

Considering that the Packers have won 13 of their last 15 meetings against the Saints at Lambeau Field, I’m giving the nod to Green Bay.

Prediction: Packers 25, Saints 20

Best Bet: Over 39.5 Points (-110)

Houston Texans vs. Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds

  • Date: Friday, Aug. 19 @ 10 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Houston Texans -3 (-110), Los Angeles Rams +3 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 38.5 (-110), UNDER 38.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Houston Texans -160, Los Angeles Rams +135

The Texans are feeling good about themselves after the aforementioned victory over the Saints. Houston relied heavily on its run game last week and that should be the case again, which could wind up being tough against a solid defense in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the Rams secured a 29-22 victory against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1 of the NFL preseason. QB Bryce Perkins looked solid in the win, throwing for 133 yards and two touchdowns while rushing the ball eight times for another 39 yards and a ground score.

Given that Perkins looked better than both Texans QBs, back the Rams here.

Prediction: Rams 28, Texans 14

Best Bet: Rams ML (+135)

NFL Preseason Week 2 Odds — Saturday, Aug. 20

Detroit Lions vs. Indianapolis Colts Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 1 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Detroit Lions -1.5 (-110), Indianapolis Colts -1.5 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 41.5 (-105), UNDER 41.5 (-115)
  • Moneyline: Detroit Lions -120, Indianapolis Colts +100

While the 27-23 loss to the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t what the Detroit Lions hoped for, they still looked like a solid team. The Lions were actually about to win the game before the Falcons scored a touchdown with under two minutes to go to seal Detroit’s fate.

The Detroit Lions look to continue their preseason momentum against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts also lost a heartbreaker, losing 27-24 to the Buffalo Bills after leading 16-10 entering the fourth quarter. The Colts are usually a more conservative team in the preseason and will likely limit their key players’ playing time again.

Prediction: Lions 23, Colts 17

Best Bet: Lions -1.5 (-110)

Denver Broncos vs. Buffalo Bills Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 1 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Denver Broncos +4.5 (-110), Buffalo Bills -4.5 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 41.5 (-110), UNDER 41.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Denver Broncos +175, Buffalo Bills -210

Though the Denver Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys, 17-7, it was a largely uneventful game. The Broncos’ roster is banged up, so a lot of starters were resting and it wouldn’t be shocking if that’s the case in Week 2 of the NFL preseason. There’s just no reason to further risk injury given how competitive the AFC West will be this fall.

Meanwhile, momentum is on the Bills’ side following the aforementioned victory against the Colts. Indianapolis has one of the league’s better defense, but Buffalo still managed to put up 369 total yards. Having said that, the Bills can't afford to have five turnovers again, meaning the offense still has room to improve.

Prediction: Bills 27, Broncos 21

Best Bet: Over -41.5 Points (-110)

Washington Commanders vs. Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 4 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Washington Commanders +3 (-110), Kansas City Chiefs -3 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 42.5 (-110), UNDER 42.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Washington Commanders +140, Kansas City Chiefs -165

The Chiefs were in control during the first half of their loss to the Bears last week, leading 14-0 after two frames. It wasn't shocking to see the lead disappear once Kansas City’s best players were removed as that’s expected in the preseason.

On the other hand, the Commanders must get out to a better start if they hope to win. They were down 20-6 to the Panthers through three quarters before waking up in the final frame. The Commanders also had the only two turnovers in that game, so better ball security is needed in Kansas City.

Keeping that in mind, the Chiefs are the much deeper team here and should win even with their starters playing limited roles.

Prediction: Chiefs 28, Commanders 17

Best Bet: Chiefs -3 (-110)

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 7 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Las Vegas Raiders -2 (-110), Miami Dolphins +2 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 40.5 (-110), UNDER 40.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Las Vegas Raiders -125, Miami Dolphins +105

The Las Vegas Raiders improved their roster this offseason, resulting in a 2-0 start to the NFL preseason. Their most recent win came against the Minnesota Vikings in the form of a 26-20 final score where the Raiders were in control for exactly 34 minutes of action.

The Miami Dolphins also won their opener, 26-24, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s a bit harder to gauge Miami’s performance since the Bucs’ starters were resting. Nevertheless, the Dolphins need to be better at closing out games since they only scored six points in the second half.

Prediction: Raiders 26, Dolphins 20

Best Bet: Raiders -2 (-110)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Tennessee Titans Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 7 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 (-115), Tennessee Titans -3 (-105)
  • Total: OVER 37.5 (-115), UNDER 37.5 (-105)
  • Moneyline: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +125, Tennessee Titans -150

With how banged up the Buccaneers have been, expect most of their key players the rest again. The NFC South is their division to lose and there isn’t much of a reason for head coach Todd Bowles to risk even more injuries on the road.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Titans use rookie QB Malik Willis this week. He made a few nice passes and even scored a rushing touchdown, but was removed in the second half in favor of Logan Woodside. Tennessee never scored again once Woodside took the field, so expect Willis to play most of this game if Ryan Tannehill doesn’t.

While this matchup could go either way in the regular season, the Titans are in better shape to win here.

Prediction: Titans 25, Buccaneers 19

Best Bet: Titans -3 (-105)

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 7 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Pittsburgh Steelers +3 (-105), Jacksonville Jaguars -3 (-115)
  • Total: OVER 42.5 (-115), UNDER 42.5 (-105)
  • Moneyline: Pittsburgh Steelers +145, Jacksonville Jaguars -170

It’s surprising to see the Steelers as the underdogs following their win against the Seahawks. Nonetheless, Mike Tomlin has some decisions to make after Kenny Pickett, Mason Rudolph and Mitch Trubisky each threw a TD pass in the victory. Fortunately, having three reliable quarterbacks is a preseason “problem” most teams wished they had.

In fact, the Jaguars wish they had that sort of play last week. While Trevor Lawrence went 6-of-12 for 95 yards and a touchdown, Jake Luton and C.J. Beathard only completed a combined 16 passes for 126 yards and two INTs. Additionally, Jacksonville only produced 77 rushing yards, making it clear that the offense must step up.

The Steelers are better than FanDuel is giving them credit for, so back the ‘Black and Yellow’ on the moneyline.

Prediction: Steelers 23, Jaguars 14

Best Bet: Steelers ML (+145)

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 7 p.m. ET
  • Spread: San Francisco 49ers +4.5 (-110), Minnesota Vikings -4.5 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 39.5 (-110), UNDER 39.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: San Francisco 49ers +175, Minnesota Vikings -210

Despite being marred by injuries, the 49ers are looking good after beating the Packers. Trey Lance and the offense looked good, amassing 328 total yards, however, the defense was another story. Green Bay put up 437 total yards against the San Francisco D, which can’t happen again.

It was more or less the opposite for the Vikings last week. While their defense was solid against the Raiders, their offense only had the ball for 26 minutes. The Vikings did make the most of their possessions, averaging six yards per play. Still, they need to hold the ball more, which could be more than possible against a banged-up 49ers defense.

Prediction: Vikings 29, 49ers 25

Best Bet: Over 39.5 Points (-110)

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Chargers Betting Odds

  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 20 @ 10 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Dallas Cowboys +3 (-110), Los Angeles Chargers -3 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 37.5 (-105), UNDER 37.5 (-115)
  • Moneyline: Dallas Cowboys +130, Los Angeles Chargers -155

The Cowboys are another team that you typically want to avoid in the preseason. For starters, Dallas has lost six consecutive exhibition games, averaging fewer than 12 points in that span. To make matters worse, they also accumulated 129 yards on 17 penalties against the Broncos, giving another reason to stay away.

The Chargers hope to rebound following their loss to the Super Bowl champs. They did manage to put up 312 total yards, which could be a lot for the Cowboys to handle given how their preseason offense usually performs.

Again, this is an easy pick. Avoid the Cowboys and pick the Chargers to cover the spread.

Prediction: Chargers 23, Cowboys 13

Best Bet: Chargers -3 (-110)

NFL Preseason Week 2 Odds — Sunday, Aug. 21

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns Betting Odds

  • Date: Sunday, Aug. 21 @ 1 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (-110), Cleveland Browns +2.5 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 36.5 (-110), UNDER 36.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Philadelphia Eagles -140, Cleveland Browns +120

The Philadelphia Eagles’ 24-21 loss to the New York Jets last week marked the 10th loss in their last 13 preseason outings. The Eagles’ offense disappeared after scoring 14 points in the first quarter. Part of that has to do with an underperforming offensive line that gave up five sacks.

Deshaun Watson played poorly despite the Browns’ first NFL preseason victory, going 1-of-5 for seven yards. Although Joshua Dobbs and Josh Rosen bailed Watson out, the entire group needs to have a statement performance against Philadelphia. Expect Jacoby Brissett to potentially see some playing time, too.

Even though the Browns are underdogs, recent history shows that the Eagles come up short in the preseason more often than not.

Prediction: Browns 27, Eagles 21

Best Bet: Browns ML (+120)

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York Giants Betting Odds

  • Date: Sunday, Aug. 21 @ 7 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Cincinnati Bengals +6 (-110), New York Giants -6 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 38.5 (-110), UNDER 38.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Cincinnati Bengals +210, New York Giants -250

There’s a good chance Zac Taylor will also choose to rest his starters. The Bengals’ roster is still hurting after their Super Bowl run and there’s no point in further risking injury. The AFC North is going to be tight this year, so extra caution is needed in the preseason.

That scenario wouldn’t be an issue at all for the Giants. They’re looking to win back-to-back games in the Brian Daboll era after last week’s victory over the Patriots. New York’s run game paved the way with 177 of the Giants’ 418 yards, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see another run-heavy performance.

With the Bengals going 1-5 in their last preseason games, I like the Giants covering the spread here — especially since their’s 6-2 ATS in their last eight exhibition matchups.

Prediction: Giants 27, Bengals 19

Best Bet: Giants -6 (-110)

Baltimore Ravens vs. Arizona Cardinals Betting Odds

  • Date: Sunday, Aug. 21 @ 8 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Baltimore Ravens -6.5 (-110), Arizona Cardinals +6.5 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 38.5 (-110), UNDER 38.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Baltimore Ravens -270, Arizona Cardinals +220

Both of these teams won their NFL preseason opener, but it’s the Ravens who are the clear-cut 6.5-point favorites. Baltimore dominated the Titans in the second half of their matchup, but things won’t be as easy after the Arizona Cardinals scored 36 against the Bengals.

Based on last week’s performances, I like the Cardinals’ odds of getting off to a hot start over the Ravens. Arizona was up 36-9 over Cincinnati through three quarters and even if it’s just the preseason, that sort of performance means something.

Nevertheless, with the offensive potential on both sides of the field, the best bet here is to back the over.

Prediction: Cardinals 32, Ravens 25

Best Bet: Over 38.5 Points (-110)

NFL Preseason Week 2 Odds — Monday, Aug. 22

Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets Betting Odds

  • Date: Monday, Aug. 22 @ 8 p.m. ET
  • Spread: Atlanta Falcons -2 (-110), New York Jets +2 (-110)
  • Total: OVER 38.5 (-115), UNDER 38.5 (-105)
  • Moneyline: Atlanta Falcons -135, New York Jets +115

Even though the Falcons beat the Lions last Friday, they nearly lost if it wasn’t for a touchdown in the final two minutes. Atlanta was actually outplayed by Detroit a lot throughout the game and it didn’t help that the Falcons were 3-of-10 on third downs.

Meanwhile, the Jets played decently against the Eagles even after QB Zach Wilson hurt his knee. New York outscored Philadelphia, 24-7, in the final three quarters, so, ideally, the Jets will get off to a better start this time around.

With the Falcons projected to be one of the NFL’s worst teams this year, run with the Jets to pull off the upset.

Prediction: Jets 24, Falcons 13

Best Bet: Jets ML (+115)

Devon Platana
Devon Platana