National Football League Betting: Coaches Futures

Ryan K

There are plenty of reasons the National Football League is America’s favorite sport to wager on. First of all, it’s America’s favorite sport. Baseball may be the national pastime but the NFL is king. Secondly, there aren’t games every single day. Teams playing only once a week definitely gives the games more significance. Every game is an event whereas games in other sports feel like an afterthought. But mostly, it’s the wagers themselves that attract so much attention. The point spreads feel like actual handicapping and not standard issue like a runline. Totals bets are much easier to calculate and Futures don’t feel like silly prop bets.

And let’s not forget the media coverage. They not only have their own channel, they have every channel. The coverage is out of control and may sometimes feel tedious but it’s as important to sports gambling and the NFL has the market cornered. The NHL would give anything to have a quarter of the exposure. This only expands the wagers to play every week or even months beforehand and in no other sport does a Futures bet have more value. There are the obvious ones. Super Bowl Futures, Conference Champion Futures, and MVP Futures but my new favorite is Coaching Futures. As in no future. As in which coach is getting fired first future. Well, let’s just have a look-see.

Hue Jackson +350

Had to figure the ClevelandBrowns coach would lead off this list. It’s a bad team year and year so what can Hue Jackson do. The franchise has had such a run it is hard to put the blame on him. This team did add some talent in the off-season and seems to be headed in the right direction. Will the Browns stick with him is hard to say but when winning five games in a season would seem like a huge step forward, his job may be safe for now.

Adam Gase +750

Entering the third year of his tenure with the Dolphins, Gase is facing a do or die situation. He does have some talent on the team and his quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is back from injury. This team may be good enough to win some games and compete early in the season and that’s dangerous for head coaches because if they don’t win some games and compete he could be out the door by week 9. Good luck, Coach because at +750, you have a nice Futures value.

Marvin Lewis +1000

Coach Lewis is one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL and kudos to the Bengals for sticking with a good coach even through down years. However, that good faith may be coming to an end sooner than not. Lewis needs more than just a winning season, he needs a playoff win or two to keep this job. Time runs out on everyone, even the good coaches.

Vance Joseph +1000

A surprising number at +1000. The Broncos are a team that can get wins and wins are what saves jobs. His job can only be in danger if he either bombs early or fizzles out late. Getting to the playoffs keeps him there and the Broncos should be playing in January.

Dirk Koetter +1200

Another coach entering that tricky third year of a contract. They’ve had two years to set the table and by year three owners want to see results. Tampa is primed for some results too with Jameis Winston making solid strides every year since being drafted. Again, good coaches can become quick casualties if a team with talent isn’t winning and this is that kind of team. A ten win season should save anyone’s job, but Koetter may need a playoff win to boot. Great value at +1200.

Jay Gruden +1200

A contract extension is nice and all but in the NFL, they just don’t mean much. Coach Gruden just received one last year yet here we are. He has a new quarterback in Alex Smith and a young defense to contend with though as anything less than a winning season put his employment in jeopardy. However, Washington plays in a tough division, in the tougher conference and the personal changes may actually help him stay put. He is a talented coach and should get the benefit of the doubt.

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