Best Anytime Touchdown Prop Bets and Parlay for NFL Week 4: The King, Revenge & The Tush Push

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We are so back!

The NFL season is finally here and that means, we have Touchdowns galore for the next 4 months.

Who doesn’t love touchdowns?

But what is better than seeing all those touchdowns is to bet on the guy who scores it!

It is the most exciting play in football and it has become one of the most best bets to make every NFL Thursday, Sunday, or Monday.

I will be doing this piece every week so stick around and let’s have some fun every Sunday! This is how it is going to work:

I am going to break down my 3 favorite spots for guys to break the plane and at the end, parlay them all together for a little extra spice.

These will be my 3 Touchdown Disciples. If you follow me on X (or Twitter) at Sweatpant Jesus, you understand the pun 😉

I will bet them all straight for 1 unit and then put 0.25 on the parlay.

You decide how you want to play it but that is how I am going to do it, all season long!

Each piece will be recapped so you can see the progress as we go through the season 🙂

  • Props Record: (2-6-1) 
  • Units Gained: -3.5u

Let’s get back on top in Week 4. Let’s dive in!

Best Week 4 Anytime Touchdown Bets

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Glad you’re here, let’s get to ATTD business!

1. Derrick Henry Anytime Touchdown (-121) Bovada


Can the King gash the Bengals and find the end zone in Nashville?

I wrote about Derrick Henry last week and said this…

“Now, if you know me, and follow me on X, you are probably like ‘Do you just always bet Derrick Henry props?’ and the answer is most of the time Yes. I am 0-2 betting on the King so far this season, so let’s get one in the W column this week.”

Well, Henry didn’t come through, as the Titans got lambasted by the Browns last weekend, 27-3. Henry was never even close to a factor in this game due to the game script and a combination of how poor the Titans offensive line played and how good the Browns defensive front is.

I expect something very different this week back at home against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals are 29th in the NFL against the run and I think the only way the Titans have a chance to keep this game within striking distance and maybe even sneak out a win at home, is to establish the run and do it all game long.

Added into that, even though we haven’t seen a big breakout performance yet from the King, there is still no doubt who is going to get the ball in the red zone for the Titans.

If, and very likely when, the Titans are able to find their way inside the 20, Derrick Henry is going to get the football.

I am hitting a bet on Derrick Henry this week. And it is him getting into the end zone.

Best Bet: Derrick Henry Anytime Touchdown (-121) Bovada

2. Adam Thielen Anytime Touchdown  (+210) BetOnline


Will Adam Thielen be able to get revenge against his former team?

Now, I loved this bet 2 days ago but when I got to the point where I was sitting down to write this article, I have already seen other people on Twitter talking ALOT about this play…


Well, I am still going to ride Thielen but not solely due to the narrative. Yes, he’s playing his former team. Ok great.

But I love it more for his play starting the season for the Panthers.

Thielen has quickly established himself as a viable number 1 option in this Panthers offense and rookie Quarterback Bryce Young is feeding him.

Thielen had 9 targets in week 2 and a whopping 14 targets in week 3. Now, Andy Dalton was the starting quarterback in week 3 for the Panthers but in this offense, Thielen is feasting.

I am very tempted to take his receptions (which I might do and I will talk about it on my Twitter if you want to follow along there), but I also really love his touchdown. Those numerous targets have been leading to touchdowns, as Thielen has a touchdown in 2 straight weeks.

Can he make it 3?

I think so.

And for +210…I love it.

Best Bet: Adam Thielen Anytime Touchdown (+210) BetOnline

3. Jalen Hurts Anytime Touchdown (-115) Bovada


Jalen Hurts looks to grab his 4th touchdown so far this season

Let’s cap this off with the Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts taking on another NFC East opponent, the Washington Commanders.

The Eagles sit with the Dolphins and the 49ers as the only teams to start the season 3-0 and Hurts has had plenty to do with that, in the air and on the ground.

There is a very good chance that we see this play in Week 4 against the Commanders…

‘The Tush Push’ has been all the talk on its legitimacy and if it should stay in the NFL. Whatever your opinions are about this play, I don’t think this play is going anywhere and it will for sure make an appearance this week.

Now, Hurts doesn’t only score touchdowns getting his Tush pushed, but I don’t care if he has to scramble for a 10 yard incredible touchdown or get his tush pushed from the inch line. They count the same.

The Eagles signal caller has 3 touchdowns on the ground in the first 3 games of the season and he also had a touchdown on the ground the last game against the Commanders last season.

Let’s go Jalen!

Best Bet: Jalen Hurts Anytime Touchdown (-115) Bovada

Week 4 Touchdown Parlay!


Derrick Henry

Adam Thielen

Jalen Hurts

Enjoy Week 4 and let’s get lots of touchdowns, especially from these three guys!

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