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The National Football League has seemed to take over the world of sports, and they have also carved out a large section in the sports betting world. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that other professional football leagues are being formed. The Alliance of American Football barely got started before folding this spring, but that hasn’t stopped the XFL from planning a return in 2020. The XFL made its debut in 2001 but lasted just one season, and most people viewed their existence as a failure. Not only is the XFL trying to capitalize and piggy-back off of the success of the NFL, but they plan to try and attract the younger fans that are looking for more excitement.

We have spent some time researching some of the best XFL betting sites to use once the league kicks off next season. A lot of these sites will be similar to the best NFL betting sites, but there will be a few differences. We have also provided you with some betting strategies and tips to use when betting on XFL Games. Hopefully, you are able to win some money betting on XFL games and that the league sticks around for more than one year.

Features of A Good XFL Betting Site

It’s really hard to predict how popular betting on the XFL will be, but one would expect that most NFL fans are at least going to give it a shot. Since the XFL is also trying to target a new generation and crop of football fans, it stands to reason that this will also attract new people looking to bet on sports. We have browsed the internet and done plenty of research, and we agree that the following features are a must when looking for a good XFL Betting Site. Take a look at our suggestions before signing up to bet on the XFL.

Live Betting/Mobile App: The XFL is supposed to be more fast-paced than a normal NFL game, but there will still be some downtime throughout. Live betting gives you a chance to stay engaged with the game, and win some money while doing it. Live betting has become extremely popular during NFL games, and it should become a fan favorite during XFL games as well. Finding a betting site that has a mobile app that allows for live betting is also a recommendation. Using your phone to place bets on XFL games is a lot easier than always trying to access a computer.

Deposit/Promotion Bonus: Almost all betting sites will offer some sort of deposit bonus, but not all of them are the same. Do some research and find a deposit bonus offer that works best for you and your needs. Also, the top betting sites will offer promotions throughout, and there will likely be plenty offered at the start of the XFL season. Take a look at some of the best promotions bonuses offered that we have found for you.

Prop Betting: The XFL will be more of a “gimmick” league than the NFL, and there will be plenty of opportunities for prop betting. Betting on props can be extremely fun as it allows you a chance to focus on other aspects of the game other than the final score. Most of the betting sites we have found will offer prop betting throughout the XFL season.

Great Customer Service: All of the sites that we are going to recommend to you have exceptional customer service, but not everyone needs customer service for the same reason. Take a look at the reviews we have provided, and reach out to customer service before placing a bet on a certain betting site.

Betting Strategies and Tips For XFL Games

Most of the top XFL betting strategies are very similar to the NFL, but this league will be a little different. We have tried to point out some of the best betting strategies we think will help you be successful in betting on the XFL. There are certainly many other strategies than the three listed below, but this is a good place to start.

Start Slow: We understand that most people are probably excited to start betting on XFL games, but we encourage you to start slow, especially in the first week. Even if you have done plenty of research on the new league, you still need to see it played out for a week or two before you have a good feel for the sport. Don’t be fooled by beginner’s luck either, as things can change quickly.

Keep Track of Injuries: Injuries always play a role in a contact sport, and the XFL is expected to be full of heavy hitting. Check the injury report each week for each team and identify any top players who might be missing from the action. XFL rosters aren’t going to be as deep as NFL teams, and an injury could derail a team.

Look at Recent Trends: Most betting sites will keep track of recent trends in the XFL, and you should pay attention to those trends before placing any bets. Trends can always change from week to week, but it’s a good place to start. There will be surprises with this being the first XFL season, but the top teams should be identifiable pretty early on.


A lot has changed since the year 2001 when the XFL first burst onto the scene, including in the world of sports betting. Mobile and online sportsbooks weren’t around during that time, but are now the top way that people bet on sports. Even though the XFL claims to be very different from the NFL, the game on the field will end up looking very similar. We pride ourselves in being able to give you enough useful information that you can choose the right betting site and have a chance to succeed on that site.

Always remember that gambling is never easy, despite how much time and research you put into it. A successful sports bettor is someone that wins more than 50 percent of their bets, and we hope that this information helps you join that select group of people. It’s hard to predict what a “new” professional sports league is going to look like, and some of the strategies might need to be adjusted after a full season of play. If you are struggling with gambling or addiction, please visit the page on our website dedicated to that. We hope you enjoy the upcoming XFL season and hope that it provides you with great profits and great entertainment. Best of luck!