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The NBA Playoffs take place every spring and wrap up in the early part of June with the winner being crowned NBA Champion. The top eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conference square off in a best-of-seven series that eventually leads to the top two teams competing in the NBA Finals.

There has been talk in recent years about changing up the NBA Playoff format to create more balance between the conferences, but nothing has come about. Even if there are upsets in the earlier rounds of the playoffs, the teams are never reseeded before a new round begins.

The National Basketball Association was established in 1949, but the playoffs have seen many changes since that time. The current playoff format of 16 teams was established in 1984, but each series didn’t last seven games at that time. The Los Angeles Lakers lead all NBA franchises with 60 playoff appearances, and the Boston Celtics are right behind them with 55. The New Orleans Pelicans have the fewest playoff appearances of any current NBA franchise with just seven. The Golden State Warriors have dominated the NBA Championships in recent seasons and look like a strong contender again this season.

Best Ways to Bet on NBA Playoffs

There are several ways to bet on the NBA Playoffs, and each way offers a unique way to make some money with a winning bet. Let’s take a look at some of the betting options below.

Future Bet: A future bet is a bet that is placed on something that will happen in the future. For example, you can place a bet right now on the winner of the Eastern or Western Conference, as well as the winner of the NBA Championship. This type of bet can be placed throughout the playoffs, with odds being updated daily. For instance you could bet that the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Championship with odds set at -190.

Each Round: This type of bet is similar to a future bet but focuses on each round of the NBA Playoffs. You can place a bet on the winner of each NBA series, and also how many games the series will last. Here is an example:

Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors

Boston Wins Series:

  • Wins 4-0 +400
  • Wins 4-1 +350
  • Wins 4-2 +200
  • Wins 4-3 +150

Toronto Win Series:

  • Wins 4-0 +800
  • Wins 4-1 +700
  • Wins 4-3 +450
  • Wins 4-3 +200

Picking the winner of each particular series but throwing in the correct amount of games makes the betting a little more difficult. In order to win the bet, you will have to pick the correct winner in the correct amount of games.

Each Game Betting: The most common type of betting surrounding the NBA Playoffs is on each individual game. There are three types of bets that can be placed on an individual game, and these are explained below.

Moneyline: The first way to bet on an NBA game is by betting the moneyline. This type of bet is simply made on the winner of each game, and each team is given odds by the sportsbook. An example of this type of bet is below:

  • Houston Rockets -180
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +160

Point Spread: The most common type of bet on an NBA game is a bet made on the point spread. A sportsbook will set the point spread, giving you the opportunity to bet on which team will win. Here is an example of this type of betting:

  • Utah Jazz +3.5 -110
  • Miami Heat -3.5 -110

If you place a bet on the Miami Heat then they would have to win by at least four points to win the bet. The Jazz could win the game or lose by less than four points to win you the bet.

Over/Under (Total Points): An over/under bet deals with the combined point total for both teams. A bet is placed on a certain point total and whether the final score will go under or over that total.

  • 212 Over -115
  • 212 Under -105

Tips For Choosing a Sportsbook to bet on the NBA Playoffs

Choosing the right sportsbook is the first step towards winning money by betting on sports. Here are four things to look for when selecting a sportsbook.

Reputation: Make sure that the sportsbook is highly rated and part of our recommended list. Not all sportsbooks are created equal and you need to bet only with those who offer great quality on all the core elements: customer service, number of betting options, good odds. If a sportsbook has a bad reputation or is poorly rated then you don’t want to be doing business with them. You can check our sportsbooks reviews page to find the one most suited for your style of betting.

Live Betting: Live betting allows you to place bets while games are going on and can making watching sports much more enjoyable. More and more sportsbooks are adding live betting to their site, but the bigger sportsbooks have ironed out the kinks by now.

Low Juice: Juice refers to the amount of money that is required to be laid down for a bet. Most sportsbooks offer lines that are -110, but if you do some research then you might be able to find one that offers lines at -105. This might not seem like a big deal, but saving 5% per bet can add up to a lot of money in the long run.

Deposit Bonus: Another thing to look at when choosing a sportsbook is the type of bonus that is offered for your initial deposit. Some sportsbook will match your first deposit, while others will offer free betting types of deals. Find the type of bonus that works for you, but make sure you get something for your deposit.

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategies and Tips

There are several ways to go about betting on the NBA Playoffs, and there is a chance to win some real money. For serious players, the NBA is one of the easiest sports to bet on, but the playoffs can be a little tricky. One of the tips that we can offer is to make a Futures bet before the playoffs begin. We recommend making a bet on each Conference as well as the NBA Champion. Don’t go overboard with these types of bets, but put some money down before the playoffs even begin.

Betting on each individual game is the best strategy to use while betting on the NBA Playoffs. Placing a moneyline bet is probably the easiest bet to win, but just picking the favorites doesn’t always produce very big winnings. Take a look at the point spread for each game and find one that you like. Betting on a winning team in relation to the point spread is the best way to go while betting on NBA Playoff Games. Do your research before picking a sportsbook, and then find some lines you like before making a bet. Good luck betting on the NBA Playoffs.