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Taiwan is a relatively small territory compared to many of the others in Asia, but that doesn’t stop it from being a rabid betting market. The government had a ban on all forms of gambling aside from the lottery until 2008 when it added a form of sports betting to the lottery operator. However, this only caused players to be frustrated as the odds being offered by the national lottery for sports bets were far worse than the actual odds given by sportsbooks.

While the Taiwanese government has been swift to crack down on sites operating illegally within its borders, there are still many unregulated options for players to choose from. For the purposes of this page, we are going to ignore the sports betting from the Taiwan State Lottery and focus on betting sites that cater to Taiwanese players unregulated.

Features of a Good Taiwan Betting Site

Obviously, the fact that the odds on an unregulated site are much better than from the lottery is the main reason that Taiwanese players should choose to play with one of these operators. However, not every site accepts players from Taiwan and even those that do have many differences. OUR team of reviewers has spent thousands of hours reviewing sites, and when they look at a particular site for the Taiwan market, they focus on the following criteria.

Safety and Security

If you are going to choose to make your bets with an unregulated site, the most important factor in your experience is to feel safe sending your money to a company outside the country. We look at all the betting sites, making sure to check for gaming licenses from other countries. Even though Taiwan doesn’t license sites, the fact that a sportsbook has a license from another jurisdiction means that they have gone through around with due diligence and they are being monitored by their regulator. All this adds up to providing an extra layer of security for players from across the globe. Depending on the jurisdiction, you also have a means of filing a complaint against a site if you feel you are being taken advantage of for any reason.

Payments and Currency

While many sites will accept players from Taiwan, the process of getting money to and from some of the sites can be quite cumbersome. The most common method of processing payments for players from that region is UnionPay, so we look for sites that offer this solution. Otherwise, players are likely going to have to use credit and debit cards to make deposits.

Antother thing to consider is the currency being used by the site. If you find a site that only offers bets in Euro or USD, then you are at the mercy of the exchange rate being used by the operator. We look for sites that offer both balances and bets in TWD (Taiwan Dollars), so you aren’t bitten by the loss of funds during the exchange of currency.

Mobile Capability

While Taiwanese bettors love to bet on some North American sports, the time difference means many of these games are happening at awkward hours. Combine that with the fact that more people use mobile devices than PCs in that region, and you can understand why it is so important to us that the betting site chosen has a robust mobile offering. These days, the majority of sites offer a mobile version of their website, but depending on who built it, the betting functionality can be very different on a mobile device than on a PC. We are always looking for sites that not only show you the odds in a simple format on your phones and tablets but that also do not have cumbersome betting methods so you can easily make the selections you wish.

The Best Taiwan Betting Sites

When it comes to betting in Taiwan, we believe it is far bettor for players to choose an unregulated betting site. The simple fact that you can make more money on your selections by choosing not to accept the lower odds offered by the state-run site should be enough motivation for players to search for options. With that in mind, we have compiled the following list of Recommended sites for the Taiwanese gambler. These sites offer the best combination of payment options, customer service and betting interfaces that make them all operators we feel confident in promoting. No matter if you are a novice bettor or an experienced gambler, finding a site that meets your needs and allows you to enjoy your experience is paramount, and we believe these sites are an excellent place to start.