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Although it may not be the most high-profile sport in the USA, table tennis betting sites attract plenty of revenue each year.

Table tennis is an action-packed sport with high-intensity matches, long, enduring rallies, and clever use of spin. As a result, some sports betting enthusiasts follow the sport closely. This has led to most online sportsbooks running odds for table tennis. In fact, bettors will be hard-pushed to find a platform that doesn’t have table tennis odds.

In this overview, we provide a guide on what to look for in a good table tennis betting site. We also highlight different bets available and the best sites that offer table tennis wagers.

Top 5 USA Table Tennis Betting Sites

Features of Good Table Tennis Betting Sites

Even though many betting sites offer odds for table tennis, there are differences in quality. Noticing a good standard of a bookmaker can help bettors find decent value whilst also having a good customer experience.

Ultimately, many things make a strong table tennis betting site. Below, we have listed our top features when picking a table tennis betting provider.

Selection of odds

Ensuring all the main markets are covered is essential when picking a sportsbook. This is no different for table tennis betting sites. Some of the most common and popular markets in table tennis betting include money lines and individual sets or game-winners.

However, a top sportsbook will have a variety of table tennis odds. For example, they could also offer selections for point spreads and under/over total points. Having this depth provides bettors with more variety.

Top competitions covered

Table tennis is similar to many other high-profile sports as it has elite competitions for professional players. Most of the top competitions are run by the Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) or the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU). But, other major events for table tennis players include international events like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

Ensure that table tennis betting sites runs odds for the events you are likely to bet on or take an interest in. Many online providers will not have odds listed until a few weeks before an event. The best way to check that a sportsbook covers your preferred tournaments is by contacting them.

Live Streaming

In recent years, the demand for live streaming has grown quickly among bettors and sportsbooks. Luckily, for table tennis fans, there are fewer restrictions from governing bodies and broadcasters. Ultimately, betting sites can then stream events without opposition from broadcasters. As a result, punters can watch live table tennis matches via sportsbook apps and on their desktops.

Be aware that not every betting site offers live streams for table tennis events. Although, if a site has table tennis betting options, they likely stream at least some matches and competitions. Check betting site’s FAQs and Support sections to find out more about table tennis live streaming.

Popular Table Tennis Bets

When selecting a table tennis bet, there are plenty of options available. Below is a run down of some of the most popular bets for table tennis.


A money line bet is when someone selects the individual or team they think will win the match. In table tennis, this can apply to a single player or a doubles team. As long as the backed team or player wins, then the bet pays out. In table tennis, it is impossible to draw a match so money lines only apply to one winner.

Over/Under Total Points

With over/under bets, players choose whether more or fewer points will be scored than a specified number. This can apply to individual players, sets, games, or the overall match. For example, a bettor selects over or under 90.5 points to be scored in the entire match. Or they could select under 17.5 points in set three, for instance. Decimals eliminate the possibility of exact scores in this type of betting.


Spread betting gives the outsider a head start over a stronger competitor. To cover the spread, the match favorite must overcome the spread for the bet to pay off. Spread betting is used to give an advantage to the underdog and to make a match more interesting.

For instance, if world number one, Fan Zhendong faced number 101, Kilian Ort, Zhendong would be the overwhelming favorite. As an alternative to a money line, which would have little value on a Zhendong win, bettors can choose a spread for further value.

Set Betting

For table tennis set betting, bettors can select who will win a specific set. Alternatively, they can choose the overall score in sets, such as 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, etc. Choosing the outright winner of a specified set is a popular bet for in-play table tennis wagers. Sometimes, this can be referred to as ‘to win next set’ in live betting.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy

Some experienced table tennis punters and fans may use a regular strategy to support their potential winnings. However, many novice bettors may know little about the sport, or how to maximize a bet for table tennis.

We provide some basic strategy tips below.

Check Player Form

Taking a punt on a bet in any sport without looking at who is playing is a risky move. Even a little research, looking at the player’s five previous matches and scores, can offer insight into how good their form is. Also, look at the ITTF World Rankings before committing to a bet. This table shows where every pro singles and doubles player is ranked in the world and it provides a quick glance at how good competitors are.

Look at Head to Heads

Head-to-head results from previous matches show if one player or a doubles team has often outplayed their upcoming opponent. In addition, head to head can reveal further statistical trends, such as, common scores, points totals, and sets won against challengers. Furthermore, in individual sports, like table tennis, psychological edges can be gained if one player has a superior head-to-head record.

Follow Events

There is no substitute in sports betting for watching competitive matches. By watching live, bettors can see styles of play and get an overall feel for how well players are performing. In table tennis, many fans and punters will watch some of the warm-up events before a big tournament to see how well the players are playing. Alternatively, watching a match and tournament highlights is a good substitute.

Best Table Tennis Betting Sites

Table tennis betting sites remain fairly popular among sports bettors. Although the sport is not among the most sought-after when it comes to online wagers, there is still plenty of interest from the betting community.

However, there are noticeable differences in what table tennis betting sites offer and provide. Some do not run odds for any table tennis competitions, while others have the full package, including live streaming and a selection of markets.

Choosing the best table tennis betting site depends on preference. Some may prefer good odds over live streaming, while others want every tournament covered over in-depth markets. But, we have individualized, well-research sportsbook reviews to help bettors make the decision that suits their betting needs.

Overall, table tennis will remain a sports betting option for the future. Wagering on this sport has been around for decades, and betting sites continue to attract a solid number of table tennis enthusiasts. To find the best table tennis betting site for you, we recommend our detailed sportsbook reviews. Alternatively, check which sites actually offer table tennis bets, try it out and move on if it doesn’t suit your needs.

USA Table Tennis Betting FAQ
Can you bet on Table Tennis in the USA?
Yes, almost all online sports betting sites in the USA of table tennis betting.
What kind of table tennis bets are available at sportsbooks?
Sportsbooks typically offer moneyline, spread and over/under set betting for table tennis. Props may be available for marquee events.