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Read Time: 5 minutes is one of the many online sportsbooks and gambling sites now available in the great state of New Jersey. As we all know, sports betting is now legal in the United States and that’s thanks to New Jersey and their Supreme Court case which found the PASPA unconstitutional. However, New Jersey wasn’t finished. Since the historic decision, the Garden State has moved their sports betting industry full steam ahead and has come along for the ride.

There are plenty of online sportsbooks now and so it’s of the utmost importance that you know all of your options in order to choose the correct one. Many first-time sports bettors wonder just how different they could all be. Well, the differences can be vast and any experienced sports bettor will tell you the same. Here, we take a hard look at just what is offering and whether or not it is worth your time and action.

Signing Up and Availability with

As mentioned above, is only available in New Jersey. However, this may not last too long as other states will be following New Jersey’s lead and, soon enough, will have legal sports betting within their borders as well. This will give the chance to join its counterparts in other markets. As for now, New Jersey is the only state where you’ll be able to access

So, the next time you find yourself in New Jersey wanting to place a sports wager, you’ll find signing up and logging into to be very simple. This sportsbook takes a no-frills approach to their interface and it’s actually quite refreshing. No fuss, no muss. Everything you need is laid out perfectly and only a few clicks away. While signing up you do have to provide the usual personal information to establish an account but it’s nothing out of the ordinary and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Sign Up Bonuses

Sign Up Bonuses are very popular for the very obvious reason that everyone, especially sports gamblers, loves free money. starts you off with a very generous Sign Up Bonus you will have to utilize. Simply put, your first bet is free. Or risk-free we should say. After signing up, logging in and making your first deposit, you are eligible for their $250 Risk Free Wager. There are a few rules but, basically, the first sports wager you place for up to $250, is backed up by the house. If the wager comes in, great! If not, will refund your initial wager fully within 48 hours. It is a great bonus and one of the more generous ones at $250 clams. This bonus will require a play-through and is only available on straight wagers but is still the right kind of bonus players love to see. Sportsbook Promo Code

Some online sportsbooks, and gambling sites in general, use promo codes for their bonuses while others do not. Personally speaking, we prefer sites, such as, who do not use them. The lack of promo codes simply streamlines the entire bonus process. There are many ways to ensure your users are getting their bonuses and promo codes are fine for that but they can be a bit of a pain. has a “Promotions” page which contains all of their bonuses. From there you can access every bonus they have with all of the relevant information at your fingertips. It’s a clean approach and gets extra points for making it all so simple. Sportsbook Free Bets

One of the many popular forms of online sportsbook bonus is the free bet. The only free wager offers is the Sign Up Risk Free Wager for up to $250. As mentioned before, this is not only a very strong Sign Up Bonus, but a Free Bet as well. There are other bonuses which come and go on their “Promotions” page and some of them may be Free Bets. Sportsbook Promotions

Beyond the Sign Up Risk Free Wager, has plenty of other promotions running everyday on their easy-to-find “Promotions” page. You can find promotions for specific events such as March Madness, MLB’s Opening Day, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl. Some may be matching deposits and some may be free bets.

There are also promotions specific to sports wagers as well. For instance, they offer up to 60% payout boosts on all parlays. Hit higher than a 4 leg parlay and starts to throw you free money. 10% at a time at that. However, this bonus is only specific to the parlay players of but seeing that parlays are incredibly popular, this bonus is popular as well.

There are plenty of other bonuses too and some of which are even for their online casino. separates their sportsbook and the casino everywhere but the “Promotions” page. Matching bonuses, Jackpots, and Free spins can all be found on the same page. Sportsbook Features

A sportsbook needs to have strong features in order to compete in the crowded online playing field and comes with several key features that helps it to stand out from the pack.

– Sports – has the vast majority of just about every sport you can wager on available in their sportsbook. It is no joke, either. Not only are all the favorites like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey there but all of those international sports no one understands, too. Rugby, all of the motorsports, cycling, all of the major soccer leagues, Aussie Rules, and even darts, just to name a few. Having so many options available is a great sign for an legit sportsbook and has them in spades.

-Live Betting – “Live Betting” is the most popular feature to come along in some time and is wise to have this option available for its players. Not only is it available, it is placed front and top-center on their sports page. There’s no more missing out on a wager because a game has already begun thanks to “Live Betting” and sports gamblers love it. Also very important to “Live Betting” is a fast interface which allows you to utilize the option properly and moves quickly. The lines in “Live Betting” change quickly and the fast-acting interface ensures you can get that bet down in time.

– FastPick – A unique feature at is their “FastPick” wager. This is something akin to the Daily Fantasy Sports wagering that is so popular these days. However, puts their own spin on things. It is easy to find and easy to follow as it comes complete with instructions.

Basically, it works like this. sets some players matchups for a day’s worth a games in a variety of sports. You select as many players as you like to win (more than 3). If all your picks come in, you win. Depending on how much you put down is how much you receive. It is a very interesting wager. Think of a prop bet but not totally useless. It’s this type of innovation legal sports gambling will bring and it’s nice to see here at

– Boosted Odds – Another nice feature offers is their “Boosted Odds.” Easy-to-find on their sportsbook page, “Boosted Odds” is just what it sounds like. Everyday, offers up a grouping of games with improved odds. These better odds may be on the moneyline, the point spread, the Totals, or on the stakes of any of those three. The games range from plenty of sports in plenty of ways. Everyone loves better odds and their “Boosted Odds” feature is definitely worth checking out every time players sign in.

The online sports betting world and every sportsbook in has really mastered the deposit and withdraw aspect of sports betting. Money at every site is quickly and easily deposited and withdrawn securely in just a short time. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, online transfers, Neteller, PayNearMe, and even cash at the cage at their Atlantic City Hotel and Casino is available. Needless to say, makes their program very accessible to every player. is a solid choice for your New Jersey online sportsbook. They have a wonderful interface that is easy-to-use and navigate. They have all of the sports, wagers, and bonuses sports bettors love to use. And they even throw in a few wrinkles of their very own such as their Odds Booster and FastPick wagering. This is what we like to see as sports gamblers; Good odds, plenty of sports, solid bonuses and a little ingenuity to boot. Do yourself a favor and check out for yourself. We think you’ll find everything you are looking for in your next online sportsbook.