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New Jersey has done the hard work of completely legalising and regulating sports betting and now, every major player wants in. Especially when it comes to the wide-open online gambling market. There are the DFS companies like BetOnline and DraftKings, making moves. There are the international sports betting sites, the poker sites, and the major casinos all lining up to provide online sportsbook option to the fine people in New Jersey. HardRockCasino.com is another of the sites available for legal online sports betting but we need to know if it is worth our time and action.

When it comes to online sports betting, the sportsbook you choose is as important as the wagers you place. Every site brings their own personal touch to their sportsbook, however, some of these sportsbooks are simply better than others. Features, bonus programs, and the interface itself can all add value to your wagers and some online sportsbooks simply do it better than others. HardRockCasino.com is one of New Jersey’s newcomers on the online sportsbook scene and we checked them out to see if this should be the destination for you.

Signing Up and Availability with HardRockCasino.com

As mentioned above, HardRockCasino.com is only available within the statelines of New Jersey. This, of course, should be filed under the “For Now” category however. Not all states in the union are equal as of right now when it comes to legal online sports betting. In fact, New Jersey is way out in front of the others but this doesn’t mean other states aren’t coming for them. There are as many as 35 states with active legislation looking to establish their own legal sports betting markets. As for now though, if you want to lay a wager at HardRockCasino.com, you must be in the Garden State.

Once you make your way to New Jersey, you’ll find signing up and logging into HardRockCasino.com to be a breeze. This is one of the great aspect of legal and regulated sports betting. Gone are the days of worrying about your personal information, if your deposit will go through, or if your computer is compromised with viruses. HardRockCasino.com follows suit and provides a sign up process that is quick and easy. There are the usual security questions and such but the important thing is, your money, identity, and computer are safe with HardRockCasino.com. And it only takes a few minutes to get to your first wager.

HardRockCasino.com Sign Up Bonuses

HardRockCasino.com has a bit of a different approach than most of the other online sportsbooks available in New Jersey in that it is really selling their signature casino experience. This is their bread and butter after all so it does make sense. This is not to say that they aren’t a legit sportsbook because they certainly are. It just functions more as their Vegas and Atlantic City brick and mortar casinos do, as a casino with a sportsbook in it. There is a bonus program, of course, as this is an industry must-have. Yet, the only Sign Up bonus designated as such is only for their online casino. There are also a number of strong bonuses for their sportsbook found under their “Promotions” page and are only a short click away.

HardRockCasino.com Sportsbook Promo Code

Again, just as with the Sign Up bonus, HardRockCasino.com does things a little differently with their promo codes. In fact, they really don’t use promo codes, per se. Instead, in order to collect on any of their bonuses, you’ll be asked to “Opt-In.” It is unique to HardRockCasino.com but still very effective and easy-to-do. Be sure when collecting any of their bonuses, that you “Opt-In” to be sure you receive your funds.

HardRockCasino.com Sportsbook Free Bets

HardRockCasino.com does have a $100 Risk-Free wager available on their “Promotions” page. This is every bit of a Sign Up bonus, only better as it is available after any deposit you make and not just your initial deposit on the site. Anytime you deposit $100, you will have a $100 Risk Free wager at the ready. It is a nice bonus and it actually had us wondering why other books don’t make a similar offer. The Risk-Free wagers are a great gimmick in the online sports betting world and very popular. They are a great way to pad up your account after just one wager and HardRockCasino.com gets extra points for keeping it available even after your initial deposit.

HardRockCasino.com Sportsbook Promotions

Like we said, HardRockCasino.com goes online casino first in order to create a similar experience to their brick and mortar establishments. These creates many opportunities for them to cross-promote both of their online gambling services through their promotions program. Of course, they have the $100 Risk-Free wager which is wisely available after any deposit of at least $100 and HardRockCasino.com doesn’t stop there.

They have a cash back program which give you a 10% rebate on all of your “In Game” losses. Remember to “Opt-In” and HardRockCasino.com will be sure to ease the pain of any of your misfires. There are also contests and tournaments available for certain sporting events such as the Super Bowl, March Madness, or the World Series. These are fun options which actually provide plenty of value for sports gamblers.

If you love to play in online casinos as much as you like to play in online casinos, HardRockCasino.com may be the best place for you. They take the casino business very seriously and even offer plenty of casino bonuses and promotions as well. There are Free Spins, Slots Tournaments, Daily Free Contests, as well as rebate programs all available in their casino. HardRockCasino.com goes big on promotions no matter what you want to play.

HardRockCasino.com Sportsbook Features

While the bonuses are great and every online sportsbook needs them, it’s the site’s features that really make all the difference. Every sportsbook is different in this regard and HardRockCasino.com comes with their own set of features looking to not only make a name for themselves but also sell their casino. They do some interesting things and here’s a quick breakdown of what they have to offer.

– Sports – HardRockCasino.com takes the less is more approach to their sportsbook options. All of the major North American sports are here such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and both NCAA football and basketball. There isn’t much more beyond that though so players looking for the obscure, international-type sports will have to go elsewhere. However, it should be noted that HardRockCasino.com will expand its offerings for the bigger sporting events. Major bouts, major tournaments, and events such as the Olympics and World Cup all get time on the big board when they come along.

-Live Betting – “Live Betting” is the most popular feature going these days and HardRockCasino.com makes the wise move to offer it in their sportsbook. Not only do they carry it under the “Live Zone” header, it is placed front and center in the sportsbook. With “Live Betting,” there is no more missing out on a wager because a game has already begun and, as you can imaging, sports gamblers love it. HardRockCasino.com has embraced this popularity too as it also offers bonuses, promotions, and rebates for “Live Game” players.

– Casino – As mentioned, HardRockCasino.com loves its casinos and that’s both their brick and mortar hotels in Vegas and AC as well as their online product available in New Jersey. They not only carry all of the slots and table games online casino players love, but also plenty of free contests and tournaments as well. In order to entice you more, the HardRockCasino.com even offers its own set of bonuses. This is the cornerstone of their whole operation so seeing the casino have such a presence should come as no surprise.

Another face that legal and regulated online sports gambling has vastly improved over the off-shore racket is every aspect of depositing and withdrawing. The security is top-notch and the funds always enter and transfer quickly. The same can simply not be said for off-shore sportsbook.

HardRockCasino.com is no different and they have plenty of ways for you to manage your banking a their site. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, eCheck and Pay Plus are all available and no transaction takes more than a few days to complete. You can even make deposits and withdrawals at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino cage in Atlantic City.

HardRockCasino.com has a product to sell and they are out in Jersey selling it hard. Sometimes, when online sportsbook look to expand their product, it can be pretty sloppy. This is not the case for HardRockCasino.com. They make no bones about who they are and you can tell by the name. This is more than just a site to place a wager, it’s a brand. Their bonuses are solid and we especially like the $100 Risk-Free wager which is available after any deposit over $100. And, if you love a casino, look no further. HardRockCasino.com is legit and on the move.