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When New Jersey went all-in with legal and regulated sports betting, you knew it was only a matter of time before the heavy-hitters from Vegas made their way into the mix. Caesar’s, MGM, and now the Golden Nugget have all posted up with sportsbooks in the state. In fact, New Jersey is so progressive, they are way ahead of the other states in the union with legal sports gambling available online. is one of their sites now available for all your online gambling needs. However, with so much competition, how does stack up? Is it worth your time and action? Worry not as we’ve looked into the matter to give you the skinny and here’s what we’ve found.

Signing Up and Availability with

As mentioned, is only available in the great state of New Jersey. The Garden State has gone above and beyond in promoting their industry, especially online. In fact, there are only a few states with legal online sports betting and none of them have the options of New Jersey. The state has provided many industry leaders the opportunity to expand their reach in an ever-expanding industry. As of today, you can only use in New Jersey. However, as more and more states get their rules set and bills passed, especially in the online market, look for to show up in more states as well. brings a very slick and professional interface you can’t help but notice immediately when opening the page and this makes every function on the site very easy to use, including signing up and logging in. There is the standard issue information you’ll have to provide to gain access and you have to be inside New Jersey state lines but the entire process only takes a few moments. goes big on their advertising and promotions but they do offer strong deals so it actually is not as annoying as you’d think. All in all, everything about their site is fast and easy, just as any online gambling destination strives to be. Sign Up Bonuses

Bonuses are a key aspect in the online sports betting world and there is no better place to start than with a strong Sign Up Bonus. has a few bonuses available as soon as you sign up, sign in, and make your first deposit. First off, after your first deposit, you’ll be eligible for a $50 Risk Free Wager. Once you are an active user, all you have to do is make a wager for exactly $50. Only straight wagers are eligible but if you win, you collect on whatever the odds of the wager are, and if you lose, will reimburse you the $50 wager. It’s a great bonus and reason to sign up. There’s nothing wrong with padding your account and gives you the chance immediately after signing up.

There is also the Play+ Account bonus. The Play+ Account will give you $10 for free deposited right into your account. This is their cash back program and it not only applies to their sportsbook, but also their casino. The program also delivers higher deposit limits and faster withdrawals. Signing up at affords you plenty of offers almost immediately. Sportsbook Promo Code

Many online sportsbook and gambling sites are quick to use promo codes for any of their bonuses and promotions but does not. All of their bonuses come built-in to make it simple for you to take advantage of everything the have to offer. All you really need to do to use these bonuses is to read over their “Promotions” page to be sure you are getting everything available. So, don’t worry about promo codes but be sure to know everything they have to offer. Sportsbook Free Bets

As mentioned, after your first deposit, you’ll be automatically eligible for a $100 Risk Free Wager in the sportsbook. This offer does have some sticking points so it is important to read through the entire offer before jumping in with both feet. This bet also applies to the first bet that settles, not the first bet that was wagered and this is an important distinction. If you make two $100 wagers thinking that the first one you placed would be free, you may be in for a surprise if the other wager settles first. Otherwise, the payout is settled according to the stakes and any straight wager is eligible, no matter the odds. Despite these few specifics, the Risk Free Wager is a great promotion. Sportsbook Promotions

Promotions are a big factor in choosing an online sportsbook. As stated above, has a few nice bonuses you can receive immediately after signing up. However, they don’t stop their with their promotions as they have many more available every single day. They do change a lot so checking in with the Promos & Rewards page is a must every time you visit the site. They have referral bonuses, a rewards program, and many bonuses for their casino but the best promotion they carry are their odds boosters. will offer two types of odds boosters everyday. They will give you a set of games that day with improved odds for you to choose from. See a game you were going to wager on anyway, get it at better odds. They also offer a booster for parlays and it’s the same principle, they give you a set of games for you to choose from. You parlay the teams you like with better odds than in another sportsbook. It’s fun to check the games every day and see if anything stands out. However, it is even more fun to collect on a game at -105 than -115. Sportsbook Features

The most important aspect of any online sportsbook has got to be is features. If you don’t have the wagers people want, you just aren’t going to last long. has plenty of solid features that makes them a legit online sportsbook option.

– Sports –Most of the online sportsbooks of New Jersey have been keeping their sportsbook small by only offering North America’s most popular sports like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. Fortunately for them, has gone much bigger than those other online books and offers a great variety of sports. The international sports are all there as well and such sports options like Aussie Rules, cricket, rugby, and even darts can be wagered on every single day..

– Wagers – Have all the great features you want but a sportsbook is only as good as the wagers and odds they offer. does a great job setting a standard here. What every the wager is, you can find it here. There are even plenty of prop wagers available on every single sporting event such as alternative lines and individual performances. Not only do they have all the wagers users like to play such as moneylines, point spreads, parlays, and teasers, they also have great odds. At, you consistently get strong odds for any particular sporting event. The difference between -115 and -105 on the moneyline or between -3.5 and -3 with a point spread may seem small to some. However, any successful gambler will tell you just how important that difference is to your bottomline. Then, of course, there are the odds booster promotions available every day on their promotions page which helps even more. Great odds are what real sports gamblers want to see and has them.

– Casino – As previously mentioned, also has a casino available. They go big on this casino too but that makes since considering’s background. Table games are their bread and butter after all. The casino has a separate account to help you track your wagering and they have their own set of bonuses available too. Many of which mirror the sportsbook bonuses.

-Live Betting – Our greatest feature in online sportsbooks is the “Live Betting” option, no doubt about it. This feature allows players to wager on a game even after it has begun. Not only that, it provides a whole new strategy to sports betting and is a fantastic hedging tool. “Live Betting” is a must-have for serious online sportsbook and serious sports gamblers. No more missing a bet because you ran out of time. For some reason, this very valuable option is not offered by every online sportsbook. It is at though and they get credit for having it.

One aspect of the online sports betting world every sportsbook has seemed to master is the ability to deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily. keeps the trend going with an user-friendly interface which just makes navigating the whole site a snap. Their “Banking Options” are easy to find and simple to use. Plus, most of their options don’t take much time so you can lay a wager right after depositing and withdrawal right after winning. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, online transfers and even cash at the cage is available making very accessible to any player. may look like an online casino upon first glance due to their name, their history, and the site, however, this is a solid online sportsbook. They have all the features players want and all the promotions players need. They big difference maker is their odds and that’s always great to hear. This is where you make money after all. So, if you are in New Jersey and need to place a sports wager online, may be the perfect place for you.