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Online gambling has been exploding for the last few decades now and, with each year that passes, it only grows more. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, this spike in sports gambling forced the United States to take action.

New Jersey got the ball rolling by challenging the constitutionality of the law, the PASPA, which has in-effect kept sports betting illegal. The Supreme Court ruled in the Garden State’s favor, and here we are with state-regulated sports gambling.

The off-shore sportsbooks are still in business of course, but new and improved legal and fully-regulated sportsbooks are popping up in state after state, including one from DraftKings.

Everyone knows DraftKings from their Daily Fantasy Sports product. They and BetOnline were the first on the scene with the immensely popular fantasy experiment and, after an up-and-down start, both companies have not only found their stride in DFS, they’ve also become major players in the newly legalized sports betting market.

DraftKings has a solid product on the DFS side of things, but has that translated to a legitimate online sportsbook? Well, that’s what we wanted to know, and it’s our job to know. Is the DraftKings online sportsbook right for you? Here, you’ll find an in-depth look into DraftKings to determine just that.

Signing Up and Availability

DraftKings and their DFS product was born and raised online. So, it will come as no surprise to tell you signing up and logging into their sportsbook is very easy to do.

You will have a few hoops to jump through, but these are kept to a minimum and feature all of the security you want with anything online. When it comes to user-friendly interfaces, DraftKings excels.

Of course, the problem with all of this sports gambling legalization is that it is happening state by state. The Supreme Court ruling put the ball in the statehouses’ court and, while some states such as New Jersey were ready for it, others were not.

States each have their own set of issues in getting their sports betting industry up and running, and this means that while DraftKings does have an online sportsbook, it is only available in some states. As of today, New Jersey is the only state you can access the site.

Mississippi has laid the groundwork for legal online sports betting, and DraftKings will also be available there in due time. These won’t be the last states to have a DraftKings online sportsbook either, but, for now, it’s all we got.

DraftKings Signup Bonuses

The bonus programs of off-shore sportsbooks are what draws everyone’s attention, and there was much talk about if the legal books would even need them. DraftKings offers a 20% deposit bonus up to $500 on your first sportsbook wager.

There is a play-through requirement, and your first wager must be on a game with lower than -200 odds. However, this is a big bonus, and it’s great to see the bar being set so high.

DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code

If you sign up directly through the link below, you will not need to enter a promo code to receive the welcome bonus offered by Draftkings. The $500 first bet match will be activated on your account already. You can contact the customer service to make sure or if you do not want to take a chance, enter the code WIN when you sign up with this link.

If you want to play Daily Fantasy Sports with your DraftKings account as well, you might be interested in using the promo code for that side of the website instead. Draftkings offers a free entry in a Daily Fantasy Sports contest to new players. To claim that offer, just enter the code SAVE when you sign up on Draftkings.com with our link.

DraftKings Sportsbook Free bets

At the moment, Draftkings does not offer new players a free bet. It offers a match bet instead. This means that for the same amount of real money that you risk, Draftkings puts up 1/5th of that amount.

DraftKings free bets might be offered soon however. The way free bets work is that after you place a qualifying first bet in the sportsbook (usually a bet made at odds of -150 or better), Draftkings will credit a free bet of the same amount to your account and you can use that free bet on another game. The free bet offered by Draftkings has a maximum and you need to use it on a betting line that is above a certain minimum, usually -150.

Features of DraftKings Sportsbook

Key features are another big reason to use any online gambling site, on or off-shore. This is definitely where you will see big differences from site to site. DraftKings has come through with very solid features that are all their own. Here’s a quick look at what they deliver.

Sports – DraftKings keeps their sports very simple. You can tell they’ve taken into account the limitations of what state by state legalization brings.

All the popular North American sports are here with the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA. Some of the more obscure and international sports have been omitted. Boxing, soccer, golf, and tennis are all there too, just don’t go looking to make a Darts wager and you’ll find what you want.

Wagers – Just as with the sports they offer, the wagers they offer are made simple as well. You’ll have no problem finding the staples such as the moneyline, point spreads, and Totals. Parlays and teasers are also available.

This is another area where you’ll find some discrepancies from site to site, and it may be worth your time to do some comparing and contrasting depending on what you like to play. One site may have higher moneyline odds but be better on point spreads. DraftKings keeps it legit, and nothing struck us as too far off.

That said, depending on what you like to play, you may want to have a look-see before committing heavily to one site.

Daily Fantasy Sports – Of course, DraftKings has a daily fantasy sports option, and they also throw in pools and contests to make it even more interesting. This is their bread and butter after all, and you can rest assured you can find some interesting products here.

DraftKings.com is one of two companies you think of when you think of DFS and while there may be some debate about which is the better site. The fact that they are in the conversation says it all.

Draft Kings Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

As expected, just like signing in or anything concerning their interface, making deposits and withdrawals is a snap at DraftKings. It is as secure as it is quick and everything you want to see with plenty of depositing and withdrawing options.

You collect your bonus immediately and can get right to the action. The only thing to keep in mind is that, more often than not, you can only make a withdrawal via the method you used for depositing. This is an industry standard and not out of the ordinary.

Also, depending on the method you’ve chosen, there will be different amounts of time for the release of your funds. Some ways are just quicker than others and, again, this is industry standard.

PayPal, Bank Transfers, Skrill, Prepaid Cards, and Visa/Mastercard are all available for deposit. PayPal, Bank Transfers, Check, and Withdrawals from the casino cage are available for withdrawal.

With this online sportsbook, DraftKings is definitely here to stay and no longer just a DFS site. They have brought all of their online and mobile expertise to the legal online sports gambling world and is no doubt a great option as a sportsbook.

It is easy to use. They have the sports and wagers you want. Depositing and withdrawing is no problem. They even throw in a nice Welcome Bonus as well. It will be interesting to see how this sportsbook changes as it begins to reach more states in the not-so-distant future, but for now, the DraftKings online sportsbook earns a high grade.