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When New Jersey’s Supreme Court case opened up the floodgates by essentially legalizing sports betting for the entire United States. No one knew really what would come next. Except for New Jersey, that is. The Garden State has acted fast and expanded legal sports betting every which way you can, especially with their online industry. New Jersey has licensed over 10 online sportsbooks available to accept sports wagers if you are within the state lines. With this much competition, you’re going to need to know your book and we are here to help.

The online sportsbook you choose is as important as the team you choose to cover the spread if you want to make any money in this racket. The options you have are many and is one of your choices. What began as an online poker site has morphed and grown into so much more including a sportsbook. International oddsmakers, casinos, and DFS sites have all gotten into the sportsbook game so it was only a matter of time before a online poker site did the same. But how does their sportsbook stack up to the rest, you ask? We had a look-see and here’s what we found.

Signing Up and Availability with

As mentioned, is only available in New Jersey. However, it is worth mentioning this is most-likely only temporary. Of course, this also all depends on other states and if they are able to straighten out the many legalities of legal NJ online sports gambling. Once more states follow New Jersey’s sizable lead, we are sure to see sportsbooks popping up in other states as well.

So, if you find yourself in the Garden State, you’ll find the signing up with is very simple. Their vast experience in the online poker world shows up all over the sportsbook making it very simple to navigate in every single way, including creating your account. There are the usual security hoops and personal details to enter but the whole process only takes a few moments. This is a quick moving interface and everything they do is easy-to-find and quite intuitive. Sign Up Bonuses

The first factor of to jump out at us was just the number of bonuses the sportsbook makes available. There is a bonus available at every turn and their New Player $500 Sign Up Risk Free Bonus is by far one of the better ones. With this bonus, the first sports wager you make after your initial deposit is backed up by all the way up to $500. If your first wager comes in, great! You’ve won and padded your account nicely after just one bet. If your wager doesn’t come in, no problem! As will fully refund your balance. These types of bonuses are popping up everywhere as they are very popular and we like to see that starts off with such a large risk free wager. Sportsbook Promo Code

Many online sportsbooks love to use a promo code as it makes for a very effective advertising and marketing ploy. However, the promo codes are a little annoying for online sportsbook users as the can be hard to find, outdated, and difficult to understand when they need to be used. With that in mind, we like the bonus program because it mixes it up. Some of their bonuses and promotions will require the correct promo code while others do not. We’re not big fans of promo codes but understand why online sportsbooks must use them so good for for keeping it to a minimum. Sportsbook Free Bets

As mentioned, there are plenty of bonuses and promotions to be had at and some of those are of the free bet variety. Of course, you have their New Player $500 Sign Up Risk Free Bonus which you are eligible for immediately after your very first deposit. They don’t stop there though as has a Free Bet Bonus available every week as well. Every week when you make a $25 wager, you receive a $5 Free Bet. It’s a nice rebate when once a week, that’s for sure.

Another fun free bet offers is for their Happy Hour Tuesday. All this free bet requires is for you to make a sports wager of $10 or more between 18:00 and 19:00 on a Tuesday and within the next 48 hours, you will find a free $100 bet waiting for you. Tuesday evenings may be there slow hour but, whatever the reason, the Happy Hour Tuesday has great value for players. Sportsbook Promotions

Yes, the bonuses and promotions are big business at You have a great Sign Up Bonus as well as another weekly free $5 wager. Not to mention the $50 In-Game bet you can get for placing a $50 wager and the Tuesday Happy Hour. However, marches on.

If you decide to play at, you need to check in with their “Promotions” page every time you login. To start, they offer timely promotions for sporting events such as March Madness and the Super Bowl. Then they begin offering up a few odds boosters. Saturdays and Sundays at both offer slates of games with improved odds. Definitely a stop you’ll want to make before laying down any action on the weekend. Finally, they have overtime eliminating promotions as well. These options simply give you the option of betting certain games where you will win you wager even if the game goes into extra minutes. These are good for baseball, soccer, and basketball. loves promotions so before you place any sports wager, check in over at “Promotions” first. Sportsbook Features

Promotions and bonuses are great but, when it comes down to it, it’s an online sportsbook’s features which really separate it from the competition. We are happy to report keeps up with their promotions program with a strong set of features.

– Sports – First off, keeps the majority of every sport you can wager on available in their sportsbook at all times. More than just the favorites like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey too. All of the international games and leagues are here including Aussie Rules, rugby, many motorsports, pro cycling, every soccer league, and Aussie Rules. If you want to be a legit sportsbook, you better have all of the legit sports and does just that.

– Live Betting – “Live Betting” is the most popular feature in online sports betting and wisely has it readily available. At, this feature goes by the name “In-Game” betting and it is available for just about every sport they offer. The odds update by the minute and it’s never too late to get action in on a game. No more missing getting a bet in because you missed the tip-off. No more waiting to get the line you want. Best of all, has a quick interface and getting your “In-Game” bet down is never a problem. There are many ways to use “In-Game” betting and makes it easy for you.

– Spin and Bet – One of the features unique to is their “Spin and Bet” option. Spin and bet allows you to enhance your winning by as much as 10x. Simply find the Spin and Bet feature at and select one of the available games and preferred outcome. Enter your wager and hit the “Spin and place bet” icon. The spin will change your odds at random. It is a fun wager with plenty of value. Spin and Bet pays out will and still allows you to apply your sports betting knowledge. gets points for Spin and Bet as it is one of the more innovative features we’ve seen.

– Casino and Poker Rooms – As mentioned previously, got its start as an online poker site and became one of the leading sites around. You’ve probably seen their advertising if you’ve ever watched any late night poker on ESPN and the like. So, of course, makes their poker rooms readily available. Naturally, if you carry poker rooms and a sportsbook, you’re going to want a casino as well.’s casino comes equipped with all the table games and slots online players love. They’ve even followed the “Live Betting” trend and offer up a “Live Dealer” option at their blackjack tables. The sportsbook is the star of but their casino and poker rooms also offer plenty of action with their own set of promotions and bonuses.

As with everything on the interface, deposits and withdrawals are made fast and easy. They have plenty of options available to settle you funding needs. Visa, Mastercard, eCheck, Neteller, and PayPal can be used quickly and easily. Security has always been an issue with online sportsbooks. However, in the great state of New Jersey, this is no longer a concern.

All in all, is a very strong online sportsbook. They have all the sports you want and all the wagers you like. Their bonuses and promotions are top-notch and they even make their site unique with exclusive options, features, and wagers. This is also the perfect site for the sports gambler looking for a little more in their casino and/or poker rooms. If you visit New Jersey, visit