How to Read our Soccer Odds Page

Soccer Odds

Our Soccer Odds page aggregates up-to-date lines and odds from the top legal sportsbooks in the sports betting industry and highlights in green the best available line for every market no matter what side of the line you’re looking to bet. Filter through different betting markets by clicking the Spread, Moneyline and Total tabs above the odds table.

Soccer betting can be a little tricky to understand, especially with ties and in-season tournament play.

If you have any questions, reach out to one of our expert’s on Twitter @YourBettingNews and we will be happy to help!

Soccer Picks FAQs

How do Soccer consensus picks work?
We monitor top sports betting information providers and aggregate the picks and predictions they’ve made on specific games. The pick most heavily promoted by the sources we are monitoring will be the consensus pick for that market.
What's the difference between Soccer consensus picks, computer picks and expert picks?
The consensus picks we present are gathered using computer and expert-generated picks from industry-leading sources.
Why are Soccer computer picks popular?
Computer picks are popular because following data and trends can be key to long-term sports betting profitability. Computer picks take all the data, player trends, recent performance, and more, that is information is run in a model to give the most accurate possible outcomes.
Will Soccer computer picks always hit?
No pick is 100 percent guaranteed to win, even if all of the data supports that pick. But if you utilize computer picks and other content–like the content that you will find on Betting News–and your own research, you can do well as a sports bettor.