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Soccer is far and away the most popular sport in the world. With the ease of play and the low-cost of entry, the game is beloved in all corners of the world. This love for the sport has resulted in the creation of dozens of professional soccer leagues in countries across almost all continents. One of the most popular on a global scale is the English Premier League (EPL). These teams from England are home to many of the world’s elite soccer players, and the loyalty of fans of a side runs deep, no matter if it is through generations of locals or international newcomers.

The EPL is also one of the leagues that is the most popular from a betting standpoint. With a long season combined with a betting culture and climate in the UK, it is no surprise that these matches are hotly contested both on and off the pitch. There are some intricacies when it comes to betting on the EPL, so we want to give you the best opportunity to make wise selections. We have asked our team of soccer experts to come up with a few basic pieces of betting strategy for the EPL that will be of assistance to any level of gambler.

Basic EPL Betting Strategy

The Premier League is comprised of 20 teams, which compete over a 38 game schedule (every team plays every other team twice during a season. What makes the sport interesting is that the bottom three teams every season are relegated to the second division, with the top three from that tier being promoted. This creates excitement for some of the smaller cities whose teams get a chance to play against the global powerhouses. When it comes to betting on the EPL, there are many systems and strategies out there. For the purposes of this page, we have filtered it all to the basics that every gambler should be aware of before making any bets.

Start at the beginning of the season

Rather than wait for the matches to begin, you can get in on some EPL action before the season starts by betting on how a team will fare for the entire season. Not only can you bet on the champion, but also which teams will be relegated or how many games a team will win during the campaign. The fun in these bets is that you can take a longshot and hope for the best. This finally came in a couple years ago when Leicester City won the EPL as a 500 to 1 favorite. Now, this is very unlikely to happen, but it’s a lot of fun to root for even with a small wager.

Look for the ties

Let’s face it – some people think that soccer is a boring sport. We think that is because they aren’t cheering for the right things! One thing we do know is that many games in the EPL end up in draws (ties), and this can be very lucrative for gamblers. Many players look for the games with the lowest odds of a tie and only bet on these games during a week. We don’t necessarily think that is the best way to make money on the EPL, but we do believe that taking a shot at a tie between two evenly matched teams is a great way to become interested in a game without any goals.

Use props to your advantage

If you want to bet on some of the more well-known teams, you aren’t alone. However, many of the games involving these teams in the EPL are mismatches, which we all know the favorite is going to win. For these matches, we suggest you look past betting on the winner and towards prop bets. This means betting on the exact score of the game (you can make more than one bet on these scores to hedge your risk). You can also bet on who will score the first goal, if anyone will receive a red card, and dozens of other prop bets available for each match. We think this is a great way to stay involved with a team that is too clear a favorite to make it worth betting on them winning the match straight up.

Live Betting is your friend

The concept of Live betting during a game had to come from someone who was bored to tears watching a soccer match. The EPL is the perfect league for in-game betting – the sport is timed, and has a running clock, so you know within a few minutes when the match will end. As the game progresses, live odds are posted on many sites as to who will win the game, and although you have to take some additional risk, some bets are worth making. For example, if a team is up by 2 goals with 15 minutes left, it is highly unlikely they are going to lose the game. However, you may have to take some heavy odds to be able to bet on the team to close things out. If you have the nerves and the bankroll to do so, then this kind of bet can help your bottom line.

Multiple Team EPL Bets are a blast!

Parlay betting is not a new concept – people are selecting multiple teams on a ticket in many sports around the world. However, the EPL multiple bets are really exciting as they move from one game to the next! For example, if you make a multiple bet involving three games, your initial stake is placed on the first team. If that bet wins, the whole amount of the winning bet and stake are then placed on the second game, and so on. It can get to be a huge payday if you end up winning four or five games in a row! There are many things that you can make multiple bets on aside from the winner of the game, like which team will score first, or if both teams will score in the game. These are fun bets but obviously come with the risk that if just one outcome goes the wrong way, then the whole bet is lost.

The Best EPL Betting Sites

Given that the league is globally adored, it is no shock that most betting sites (aside from those that are U.S. facing) give the EPL a major focus. We have noticed this when we review betting sites based all over the world – it doesn’t matter the language or the location, the EPL is universal and so is betting on the sport.

Our team has reviewed hundreds of betting sites, and from those sites comes this curated list of Recommended EPL Betting sites. Each of these sites offers players the combination of live betting, prop bets and user interface, making the overall betting experience very enjoyable. We are confident that any of these sites will do you well, even if you may not recognize some of the names on this list.


The EPL will continue to be one of the most popular leagues in all of sports so long as the teams continue to search and pay for the top talent from around the world. With the chance of relegation facing several teams every year, there is a lot of intrigue throughout the season, which gives gamblers ample opportunity to get in on the action. We are sure that with the tips we have given you on this page, you will be in a much better position to make money betting on the EPL.