New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers

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Most of the best rivalries in the National Football League have been around for decades, but the Saints and Panthers rivalry isn’t one of them. Both the Saints and Panthers are relatively new to the NFL, but they have quickly developed a bitter rivalry against one another.

The two teams compete in the South Division in the National Football Conference, and both teams have made Super Bowl appearances in recent seasons. New Orleans and Charlotte, North Carolina might not seem like football cities, but both the Saints and Panthers have terrific fan bases that hate one another.

This rivalry continues to develop and get better with each season, and odds are that the Saints and Panthers will continue to rule the NFC South Division in future seasons. It’s never easy to make a prediction on a rivalry game, but you can expect some terrific plays and heavy hitting when the Saints and Panthers meet on the football field.

History of Saints vs. Panthers Rivalry

The first meeting between the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers took place on October 22, 1995, and the Panthers came away with a 20-3 victory. The Saints won 9 of the first 15 meetings against the Carolina Panthers, but the rivalry has been extremely close ever since. Carolina and New Orleans have met a total of 49 times since 1995, and the Panthers hold a slim 25-24 lead in the all-time series standings.

The New Orleans Saints have won the only playoff game between these two rivals, coming away with a 31-26 victory during the playoffs in 2018. Carolina and New Orleans have been the class of the NFC South since the 2003 season, combining to win 10 division championships during that span. In the 49 games between the Saints and Panthers, just 17 points separate the two NFC South rivals. Odds are that the Panthers and Saints will continue to dominate the NFC South, and both teams will be a popular pick to reach the playoffs in 2019.

The New Orleans Saints were founded in November of 1966 and began to play in the National Football League in 1967. They have been members of the NFC since its creation in 1970 and joined the South Division in 2002. The Saints have been playing their home games in the Superdome (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) since 1975, and there have been many memorable moments in that stadium.

New Orleans was perennially one of the worst teams in the NFL during their first 20 seasons in the NFL, and they qualified for the playoffs for the first time in 1987. The 2005 season was one of the most memorable seasons in Saints history, and they were able to win their second playoff game in franchise history. New Orleans managed to beat the odds in 2009 to win their first and only Super Bowl title in franchise history.

The Carolina Panthers came into the NFL in 1995 as an expansion team, but they have been largely successful since entering the league. Carolina made it all the way to the NFC Championship in their second season, and they have been a fixture in the NFC Playoffs since their entrance into the league.

Carolina has won the NFC twice since coming into the league but is still looking for their first ever Super Bowl title. People were worried about the possibility of Charlotte having a professional football team, but both North and South Carolina give the team overwhelming support. With quarterback Cam Newton back at the helm in 2019, the Panthers will be a popular pick to be a playoff team next season.

Head to Head Analysis of Saints vs. Panthers

Looking at the complete history of any rivalry is important, but it doesn’t give sports bettors a clear picture of recent trends. Taking a look at the last 20 games in this rivalry will take us back to the 2010 season, and there has been a playoff game in the mix. The Panthers have a slight lead in the all-time series standings over New Orleans, but that hasn’t been the case in the past 20 games. New Orleans has posted an 11-9 record against the Panthers in the last 20 games, making them the clear pick against the money line.

The Saints have taken advantage of their home games, winning 6 of the last 10 games against the Panthers in New Orleans. Carolina has been able to hold steady at home, splitting the ten games played at their home stadium. The Saints won four straight games against the Panthers before Carolina won the season finale of the 2018 season. It’s not a guarantee that these trends will continue in future seasons, but it should help to make some predictions moving forward.

The Saints have been the outright winner in 11 of the last 20 games, but they haven’t always been the right pick in terms of point spread or betting odds. New Orleans has been the betting favorite in 13 of the past 20 matchups, but they posted a 5-13 record against the spread as the betting favorite. In the seven games that the Panthers have been the favorite in this rivalry, the Saints have been the right pick. New Orleans has managed to cover the spread when given points five of the seven times as the underdog.

Each game in this rivalry also gives us a chance to make a bet on total points with sportsbooks setting the lines and odds for each game. The Saints and Panthers have combined to go “over” the point total in 12 games while going “under” the number in the other eight matchups. The “over” has hit in eight of the last 10 games in this rivalry, and that should be the pick moving forward. If the last 20 games tell us anything, it’s that the picks for the next few games should be the “over” and whichever team is getting points in this matchup.

A Glance at Postseason Success in Saints vs. Panthers Rivalry

There isn’t a ton of postseason success between these two franchises, but odds are that it will change in future seasons. New Orleans won the Super Bowl in 2009, while the Panthers are still looking for their first ever Super Bowl win. Carolina has made eight playoff appearances since coming into the league in 2005, while the Saints have made the postseason 12 times. The Saints’ lone conference championship came during the 2009 season, while the Panthers have won the NFC twice in 2003 and 2015.

The Saints may have had a stronger season in 2018, but their rivalry with the Panthers remained close. Look for these two teams to pick up steam in future seasons and continue to provide fans with intense and exciting rivalry games!