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If you have come to this page, you are looking for some of the best Sports Betting Apps out there to help you with your journey as a sports bettor.

There are numerous apps available that cover the many corners of the sports gambling field; from data analysis, research tools for your bets, pick tracking, and best bets.

On this page, we will be giving you some of the best Apps available for you to download easily on your smartphone.

Each App will give you detailed analysis and verified picks from thousands of experts and cappers.

We will break down the App, give you our favorite features of the App, and give it an Overall Rating.

This page will be updated frequently so be sure to stop back by regularly to get an updated list of the BEST APPS for sports betting picks.

PicksWise App


PicksWise is a slick App that has all your sports betting needs covered and gives you a lot of options for the best picks of the day.

It is very easy to use and offers so much information for the slate of games every single day.

Whether you are looking for sports picks or a place to compare odds between different sports books, the Pickswise app has you covered.

One of our favorite features about the app is it is visually pleasing.

It is easy to use and provides detailed picks for lots of major events across the major sports leagues from various sports betting experts.

Is PicksWise Free or Is a Subscription required?

PickWise is a totally free App to download.

For all that it offers, the fact that it is free is really fantastic.

It’s ease of use and many features make it one of the best in the business for fairly novice sports bettors.

If you are just getting started or very casually sports betting, PicksWise is the perfect app for you.

The only negative we could find is that it does not offer tracking of your picks like other apps do.

Besides that, Pickswise is a wonderful resource to download for picks and quality sports betting information.

All available at the tip of your fingers.

  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars Very Highly Recommend

Betting Pros


Let’s round off this list with Betting Pros.

Betting Pros is another app with many features, but provides free picks daily for your easy to place bets.

If you are looking for more of a straight forward, Betting Pros is a great choice for you.

It is an easy to use option and somewhere that has picks every day in all the major leagues.

The lay out is easy-to-navigate and the articles are easy to digest.

Above all, they provide free picks that give you sports bets without having to think too much.

If you are looking for a bit more of a relaxed sport betting experience, Betting Pros is the app to check out.

Their home screen is very visually pleasing, not too data-heavy and provides simple yet informed bets to take.

It has other features as well as its ‘Pick of the Day’ tab, like news stories, hot matchups, and even a place to track your bets.

It is a great source for betting info and a place to find picks that are sourced from quality handicappers/betting models.

Is Betting Pros Free or Is a Subscription required?

The App is free to download and has all the information available in its free portion.

Betting Pros does also offer a PREMIUM section, which allows you to unlock more tools on their site, like advanced betting metrics, top prop bets, etc.

The Premium subscription will run you $24.99/month or $119/year if you are wanting to dive a bit deeper into their service and get more access to more detailed data.

Overall, this is App has a lot to offer, especially for beginners in sports betting.

It is easy to use and provides quality bets and betting information.

Betting Pros is not our favorite due to the layout but that is a personal preference.

It is definitely a great choice and worth a download!

  • Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars Very Highly Recommend

Thanks for stopping by this list of the Best Apps for Sports Picks!

There are lots of other Apps out there.

We will be covering more so be sure to check back as we update this list frequently.

If you have an App that you would like us to review and feature on this page, please get in touch with us!

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We also aggregate picks from numerous sites and give you the consensus pick for each game, every day, in every league.

You can also read about other sites we have reviewed and tools we suggest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Sports Prediction Apps available?
There are many Apps available for sports predictions. From our research, Action, PicksWise and Betting Pros are a few of the best for sports betting odds and tips.
What types of stats do Sports Prediction Apps use?
There are many Apps available for sports predictions. From our research, Action, PicksWise and Betting Pros are a few of the best for sports betting odds and tips.
How Do Sports Prediction Apps Work?
Sports Prediction Apps provide all the information from a Sports betting website at the tip of your fingers in an easy-to-use App. Each app features different areas of data but they all are designed to provide you with the Best Sports Bets you can make in a one stop shop for your sports betting needs.
Do Sports Prediction Apps costs vary?
Yes. Most Apps are free and provide detailed Sports betting picks to you at no cost. Some offer a premium side of the App that gives you more in depth access to the App. But all in all, almost all the best Sports Prediction Apps are free to download and use.