How to Bet Puck Lines in the NHL

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How to bet the Puck Line in the NHL

Betting on the NHL is another way to enjoy watching all the action on the ice every singe night.

There are many ways that you can bet on the NHL, some very straight forward like the Moneyline and the Game Total.

Some are a bit more complicated, like the Puck Line.

On this page, I am going to give you all the information you need to know about a Puck Line and why it can be one of the better bets you can take in any particular NHL game!

What you will find on this page:

  • What is a Puck Line?
  • Why Bet on the Puck Line?
  • Where to Bet on the Puck Line?

Let’s dive into the world of Betting the Puck Line!

What is a Puck Line?

So to understand what a Puck line is in the NHL, you have to understand the basic difference between a Moneyline and a Spread.

The result of a moneyline bet is dictated only by which team wins.

A point spread bet result is determined by a handicap applied to each team in the matchup.

A spread bet means you are taking a team to ‘cover’ a certain amount of points as the favorite or the underdog.

In hockey betting, if you are betting the spread, you are betting the Puck Line.

It is a goal spread and is very similar to a Run Line in Baseball betting.

Look at this picture from the NHL slate as listed on BetOnline

Puck line example on fanDuel

For this example, let’s look at the matchup between the Flames and the Stars at the bottom.

The Puck Line is the Left Column, the Money Line in the middle, and the Total on the right.

The Flames are the favorite in this matchup and the Puck line is -1.5 at (+146) value.

If you take the Flames on the Puck Line, they would have to win by 2 goals or more for you to win your bet!

You are getting nice plus money value of +146 for this bet but winning by 2+ in hockey can be tricky.

On the other side, if you think the Stars have a chance to win outright or keep it close, you can take them on the Puck Line at +1.5 for (-178) value.

If you take the Stars +1.5 the Stars have to either win outright or lose by 1 goal, and you win your wager!

Why Bet on the Puck Line?

Mcdavid celebrate

The best reason to take a Puck line is quite simply, for the value.

Using the example from before, if you think the Flames will beat the Stars by 2 or even 3 goals, then you should take them on the Puck line for +148 value.

If you bet $100 on the Flames -1.5 at (+148), you would return $148 in profit.

If you simply took them on the moneyline, at -170, you would only return $58.82.

Puck Line betting can be a great way to take advantage of teams or situations where you think the favorite will win big.

On our NHL Picks Aggregations Page, you can find the best odds on every game to help you find the best Puck Line to take for any game.

Where to Bet on a Puckline?

You can place a Puck Line bet, along with all your other NHL wagers, at any qualified Sportsbook!

Here are the 4 best that we recommend!

We also dive into the NHL slate every day here at Betting News and give you the best bets you can make on the ice every night.

Not every Puck Line is worth taking but if it is, we will let you know!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Puck Line?
A Puck Line is a goal spread used in hockey. You can either bet on the favorite at -1.5 or the underdog at +1.5 to cover the spread.
Why Should I Bet on the Puck Line?
Betting on the Puck line is the best way to get plus money value on a favorite to win heavily. You can also take an underdog to only lose by one goal or win outright.
Where can I bet on the Puck Line?
A puck line bet, along with all other NHL wagers, can be placed at any regulated sportsbook. Some of our favorites include BetOnline, Bet Rivers, Bet MGM and Bovada.