3 Tips to Betting the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is here and everyone will be pulling out their sportsbooks to bet on the game. And why wouldn’t they?

It’s the last NFL game until September, so people are more than willing to sacrifice some extra dollars in this contest.

With that being said, a lot of money could be lost on this singular event, so below are our 3 Tips to Betting on the Super Bowl!

These tips include:

  • Understanding this is the Super Bowl
  • Managing Your Bankroll, while
  • Having Some Fun

Let’s get into it.

3 Tips for Betting on the Super Bowl

3 Tips to Betting on the Super Bowl

Understand this is the Super Bowl

Now this one sounds self explanatory, but let me tell you what I mean.

This is the Super Bowl. It is the MOST BET single game sporting event of the entire year. Vegas has all of their minions working overtime trying to perfect these lines to ensure no losses on their part.

Football runs the world, and Super Bowl Sunday is basically a holiday. Last year, it was estimated that 50 million Americans wagered more than 16 billion dollars on the game.

16 Billion Dollars….

Now, that includes game markets, player props, novelty props, the whole nine yards, but still. Over 16 Billion Dollars. It was estimated that this is the same amount of the entire March Madness tournament.

Now, what does this all mean?

We are dealing with the sharpest lines imaginable on every single market. It is very difficult to find an edge, so proceed with caution

Super Bowl betting is typically for fun, so there’s no need to lay too much of your bankroll on just one game.

It’s also worth noting Nevada casinos have only lost money on the Super Bowl twice in the last 33 years.

Manage Your Bankroll

Yes, this is the last NFL game until September and it’s the Super Bowl, but you can’t blow your entire load and have to start from scratch next football season.

You don’t want to throw away all the money you’ve made this season, and if you haven’t, now is not the time t o chase your losses.

Set aside a certain amount of units for fun bets and spread them out accordingly. Putting a 10u whale on the coin toss probably isn’t the best idea, but a quarter unit wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Have a little fun, but be able to pay your bills and bet again when the NFL comes back.

Have Some Fun

It is the Super Bowl.

You are probably at some sort of gathering watching with friends and family.

Enjoy your time with them.

There’s no need to bet so much that you are more worried about your wagers and can’t enjoy the company around you.

Live to fight another day and enjoy the last NFL Game for the next 7 months.

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