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The Colorado Rockies are a member of the National League West Division. They are owned by Charlie Monfort, who has been a managing partner with the team since their inception in the 1993 season. Their current manager is Bud Black, who played many seasons as a pitcher in the league with Kansas City, Cleveland, and San Francisco in the 1980s and 1990s. The team plays at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.

Team History

The Colorado Rockies are one of the newer teams in Major League Baseball association, as they began to play in the 1993 season after a two-team expansion that brought the Florida Marlins and Rockies to the league. They played only two seasons at Mile High Stadium before switching to Coors Field in 1995, the field in which the team plays their games currently. Due to the altitude and air pressure, this stadium is often regarded as one of the best stadiums for hitters in the league. The team has not had a very successful run in their years as a team, only making the postseason 5 times, never winning their division. The Rockies have one world series appearance and it occurred in 2007 against the Boston Red Sox, though the team was promptly swept and sent home. Since their inception, The Rockies have had a .471 winning percentage.

Notable Players/Record Holders

The majority of the Rockies’ batting records are held by Todd Helton, the 5x all-star that played with the Rockies from 1997 to 2013. In this time, he was able to help the Rockies reach the World Series and also won 5 gold glove awards for defensive play at his position of first base. Helton also led the league in batting average and hits in the 2000 season, where he finished 5th in MVP voting. He holds the Rockies all-time records in home runs, hits, on-base appearances, RBIs, and many more advanced and counting statistics.

Another notable player for the Rockies was Troy Tulowitzki, who played with the team from 2006-2014 and finished top 10 in MVP voting three times during his time with the team. He was also a member of their great 2007 team that made a trip to the world series. Additionally, LF Matt Holiday was the leader during the team’s 2007 world series run, as that season he finished second in Most Valuable Player voting. However, Holiday only played with the team from 2004-2008, as he would become a member of the Oakland Athletics in the following season.

As far as pitching goes, the Rockies best pitcher of all time is most likely Ubaldo Jimenez, who was with the team from 2006-2011 where he was an all-star once. Jimenez was most known for his high-speed fastball and streaky play, as he once threw 33 straight scoreless winnings. Jimenez holds the franchise record for wins in a season. Another great Colorado pitcher was Jorge De La Rosa, who was with the team from 2008 to 2016. De La Rosa leads the Rockies in all-time wins, as he has 86 career wins with the franchise. He also leads the franchise in career strike-outs, as he was able to log 985 strikeouts with the team.

The Present and the Future

As far as the Rockies go, they are currently a mediocre team without very many bright spots for their fans to look forward to. Though the team isn’t among the worst in the league, they are also not a contender for the championship or even the postseason. The team will continue to look for new avenues to tap into in order to give them a hopeful future and get themselves back to the world series where they once were.