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Wisconsin is home to teams in three major professional sports leagues, as well as two notable NCAA Division I programs.

In the Badger State, you have the four-time Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, the two-time NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks, and MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers, who won their most recent NL Central title in 2021.

Also, Wisconsin is home to the University of Wisconsin, a member of the Big Ten, as well as Marquette University, a member of the Big East. Both Wisconsin and Marquette know a thing or two about March Madness, while Wisconsin’s football program frequently appears in prominent bowl games.

But are the state’s residents able to bet on these teams? Here, we take a look at the status and latest news surrounding sports betting in Wisconsin, as well as provide information about other forms of gambling available or not available in the state.

Top Wisconsin Betting Sites for 2023

Sports Betting in Wisconsin

Is sports betting locally regulated in Wisconsin? It is and has been active in the state since 2021.

However, as with a number of other states around the country, there are some limitations on where it can take place.

As of June 2023, in-person betting can only take place in locations and at facilities that are affiliated with the tribal groups that have agreements with the state.

So, if you live in Wisconsin and want to place a bet on the Bucks while watching the game at home, an offshore sports betting site is the way to do so.

At Betting News, we have reviews for a number of the top offshore sportsbooks out there. Our reviews take a look at a number of the key factors that many sports bettors may be looking for in a site.

We suggest doing thorough research to determine what you are looking for in a sports betting site and which one is right for you, but here are some of the offshore betting sites that we recommend:

Horse Betting in Wisconsin

There are no active horse racing tracks in Wisconsin, but betting on horse racing is legal in the state.

Along with some off-track betting locations where bettors can bet on races around the country, like the Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown races, Wisconsin residents of legal age can also place online bets on horse races without the limitations that are in place for online sports betting.

Top Wisconsin Online Racebooks

Casino Gambling in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a large number of land-based tribal casinos where in-person casino gambling can take place.

However, as of June 2023, any sort of locally regulated online casino gambling has similar limitations as online sports betting does in the state.

So, for Wisconsin residents who are looking to relax with a little bit of online poker or perhaps try their luck at online slots jackpot, offshore online casinos are the best bet.

With most reputable sports betting sites also offering online casino games, it is not hard to find a good online casino. As with finding the right sports betting site, we recommend doing thorough research to find the right online casino.

Best Wisconsin Online Casinos

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Lottery in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Lottery has been active since 1988, and it currently offers several draw games, as well as scratch-off tickets.

In addition to the major national draw games like Mega Millions and Powerball, the Wisconsin Lottery also offers local options like Wisconsin’s Megabucks and Badger 5.

Wisconsin Gambling FAQs

Is sports betting locally regulated in Wisconsin?
Locally regulated sports betting has been active in Wisconsin since 2021.
Can I bet on sports online in Wisconsin?
Both in-person and online sports betting are legal in Wisconsin.
What is the best Wisconsin online betting site?
Due to the limitations on online sports betting, the best online betting sites for Wisconsin residents may be offshore sports betting sites. If you are trying to find out which offshore sportsbooks are the best, we recommend using our sportsbook reviews as one of your research resources.
Can I bet on horse racing in Wisconsin?
There are no active horse racing tracks in Wisconsin, but both in-person and online betting on horse races are legal in the Badger State. Bettors can place bets on races around the country, like the Kentucky Derby.