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Utah is a western state known mostly to people as being the home of the Mormon church. What you may know as well is that as a result, this is a state that is one of the most conservative about many topics, but specifically when it comes to gambling.

This is a very short overview of the gambling laws in Utah and what this leaves residents with by way of options for betting.

Top Utah Betting Sites for 2023

Sports Betting in Utah

We’ll start our look at gambling law in Utah with a look at sports betting. Sports betting has been not state regulated in the United States except Utah’s neighbor Nevada for decades, but recently that was repealed, leaving states to decide on their own as to whether or not they want to create local regulations.

Given how restrictive Utah is on all other gambling fronts, it is very unlikely that residents will see a sports betting bill anytime soon.

Online Sports Betting

For the time being, any residents of Utah that simply have to make some online wagers can turn to the many reliable offshore-based sportsbooks that are still accepting players from the United States.

Here is a list of the best options available:

Horse Betting in Utah

This one is pretty simple: there is no horse racing in the state, and as a result, there is no local form of pari-mutuel betting. Anyone who wants to watch the ponies live and maybe make a bet or two on them will have to travel to another state or play at a safe online racebook.

Online Horse Betting

There are a few online racebooks licensed by foreign gaming authorities which accept players from Utah.

Casino Gambling in Utah

The rules that apply to horse racing also apply when it comes to casino gambling in the state – that is to say that there are no local casinos in the state.

This is a surprisingly conservative approach, as many states offer casino as a way to generate revenue for the state. This is not likely to change anytime in the future, so once again anyone who wants to sit at a blackjack table will have to go elsewhere or online.

Online Casinos in UtahBest Utah Online Casinos

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Lottery in Utah

Here is the most shocking fact about Utah – there is not even a lottery. This is somewhat confusing, as the lottery in other states was designed to raise money for social programs within the state borders.

You would think that this money would also come in handy in Utah – we can’t imagine this is a state without any need for funds for education, for example – but the state government sees things differently. This means that when you hear that someone has won hundreds of millions of dollars in the Powerball draw, you can eliminate the winner being from Utah!

Utah Gambling FAQ

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of Utah?
Here is a list of the best options available: Bovada,, and