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If you are a fan of the professional tennis tours, you probably won’t need a lot of the information we will give on this page as a background. However, even the largest fans may not realize how many betting options there are for almost every tournament being run around the world.

While there are two governing bodies for tennis, the ATP for men and the WTA for women, there are now multiple levels of play all the way from the smallest Challenger events that barely qualify as pro events to the Grand Slams that make household names out of the champions. While tennis has faced some serious scandal when it comes to gambling (players have been caught fixing matches in lower level events), the business of Tennis Betting continues to flourish. We want to make sure you can find the best site for betting on tennis if you should so desire, so we have put together a few pieces of information we consider to be critical to making the right choice.

Features of A Good Tennis Betting Site

We have hundreds of reviews on this site, and this includes many sportsbooks that offer Tennis betting. How we come up with our rankings is a question we often receive from our readers, so here is a brief overview of the most important criteria we research when we review a Tennis Betting site.

What tournaments are offered?

Not every site will drill down into the Challenger events that exist, but there are still multiple events happening at the same time each week that feature some of the world’s top players. We look at the number of matches and events being offered for betting at each site we review, pushing those that offer the most up to the top of our rankings.

Live Match Streaming

Let’s face it: even for those of us who have the Tennis Channel (yes, it exists), it is still hard to find somewhere broadcasting some of the smaller tournaments from remote areas. For people who want to gamble on these events, finding a site that offers Live Streaming is a huge bonus. These sites tend to pull local coverage from all across the globe, and while we can’t vouch for the quality of all the streams, the ones that we tested from our devices seemed to work just fine for our purposes.

In-Play Betting

Most Tennis fans know that some matches, especially those in the Grand Slam events, can take hours to complete. If you are an impatient gambler, then you may want to take advantage of the Live Betting options that are becoming more readily available. We look at each site’s Live Betting functionality to determine which has the best interface for the betting that can have odds change every couple of minutes.

Site Promotions

A lot of the European-owned sports betting sites will offer special promotions to players who bet on tennis. These typically revolve around the Grand Slam events and can include special deposit bonuses, Match Bets and Bracket challenges. Each site has its own take on promotions and bonuses, and our team digs into every one to find out anything that could deter you from playing at a particular site.

Types of bets offered

Not only do you want to find a site that offers the most matches and tournaments, but you also want to find one that has the most bet types available. This can include far more than the head-to-head matchups in each round. You can find odds on a player to win the entire event, or “last longer” bets that feature well-known players, i.e. which player will last longer at Wimbledon – Andy Murray or Milos Raonic. The sites that offer the widest array of bets tend to get the highest marks from our reviewers.

Basic Tennis Betting Strategy

While the general public focuses on the four Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open) as these are the most highly publicized events, the tennis season runs all year long, with events happening all over the world. Most weeks, you can find multiple events running concurrently, meaning you may find your favorite player in an unlikely location. When it comes to betting on the sport, there are lots of factors to take into consideration. Our team has come up with the following 5 concepts that every bettor should follow regardless of stakes level.

Prop Betting

The result of a lot of tennis matches involving the popular, highest seeded players, can be easy to predict. However, they usually don’t pay well on these bets, so you need to find ways to improve your profitability. For us, this is where prop betting can help. Prop bets are bets on factors of the match that don’t include the simple winner. These bets have become increasingly popular over the years, and now tennis betting fans can find dozens of bets to make on each individual match. If you know something about a player or the matchup, then you can bet on things such as the length of the match, the number of games played and a whole host of other similar bets.

Find the diamond in the rough (or clay, or grass)

Tennis is a sport that is played on many different surfaces, but when a player grows up, he or she typically learn on one surface more than others. Here is where you can find some real value if you do your research. The clay court season in Europe and South America offers you the chance to find some players that aren’t necessarily ranked very high but are particularly good on the red dirt. Many of these players qualify for the French Open, the only Grand Slam played on clay and upset other seeded players in the draw. For grass tournaments, the big servers have a huge advantage as the ball doesn’t bounce as much. You want to be looking for players who have great serving stats and find the right odds for them in these events.

Shop Around

As we mentioned, the sportsbooks that offer tennis betting aren’t likely to have experts in-house so they will be following the herd when it comes to setting lines. However, because there isn’t much handle bet on this sport, when a bet comes in, it could change the line at one book while it stays the same at another. Take your time when looking at tennis odds – look around at a couple of books at least (we’ll give you some great options below) and make sure you find the best price for the player you want to bet on. This will increase your payout or decrease your risk, which in both cases is good for your overall bottom line.

Find a place to watch the match

While the major events get their due on broadcast television, many of the smaller events are only broadcast locally to the market where the event is being held. If you are into in-match Live Betting, which has become very popular amongst gamblers over the years, then you will want to be able to watch a match to get a handle on any trends you see. Many betting sites these days offer live streams of sporting events from around the world. In most cases, you need to have a real money account with a balance in order to access these streams, but getting access to the matches you are betting on can help increase your odds of finding a bet to make during the match itself.

Look for more than just the match winner

While betting on each individual round is one way to approach betting on tennis, there are other bets that you can make to increase your profitability. For example, you can make a bet on a player to win the tournament before it starts, which may be a way to bet on one of the favorites without getting gouged in each round. Also, another popular bet type is a head-to-head bet between some of the top pros in an event. This type of bet allows you to bet on which player will do better in the event, even if they don’t end up playing one another. For example, you could make a bet on whether Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova will go further in the U.S. Open. Not every betting site offers these bets so you will want to hunt around for them if they are of interest to you.

The Best Tennis Betting Sites

One of the reasons we started this site was to bring you the most up-to-date, honest reviews of every betting site we could find. You see, we are all gamblers like you are, and have seen the best and worst of this industry over the years. We know how valuable your time and money are, so we built a team of experts whose job is to sift through all the sites on the market to bring you the best for what types of bets you want to make.

With that in mind, below is a list of the best sites for tennis betting. Each of these sites offers the best combination of bets offered, customer service and VIP programs, all of which add up to an excellent playing experience. Now, some of these sites may be new to you, but we assure you that if they have received our “stamp of approval” then you can feel safe that you won’t be getting scammed. We encourage you to read each review and try more than one site so you can find the best odds on the tournament or match you want to bet on.


Tennis is an interesting sport, in that players come from all over the world, training in different climates and on different surfaces, all trying to be the best all-around player in the world. For many, that ends up not working out, and they focus on one surface to earn a living. This can result in some skewed results at events, and while to the untrained eye, this can seem like a fluke, to the informed bettor it is an opportunity. We hope this page has given you the information you need to be a better gambler. We want you to be a winner, so remember all the tips we have given you on this page, and if you want more detailed strategies either for tennis or for other sports, check out some of our other pages in the Strategy section of our site.