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When people think of gambling, they think Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the world due to the sheer volume of gaming operations that take place in the city. From in-person casinos featuring slot machines, table games, and more, to sportsbooks with 20+ flat screen TVs for bettors to watch their favorite games, Las Vegas is a gambler’s dream.

And for a while, this was the only place it was possible to do it in a state regulated environment. Many reputable offshore betting sites have also been taking wagers from Nevada for decades, and continue to do so.

Offshore Betting Sites and Nevada
Residents of Nevada are able to place bets at offshore sportsbooks. However, these sportsbooks, being located outside of the U.S., are not subject to Nevada or any other U.S. state’s laws. Instead, they are governed by the laws and regulations of the country in which they are based.

Top 4 NV Betting Sites

Nevada Online Sports Betting

Nevada online betting sites have offered sports wagering options for over a decade. In fact, the Silver State was the first to accept state regulated sports bets online. Mobile apps have been available in the state since 2010.

There are several options when it comes to sports betting sites in the state, and most online sites also have a retail location on the Strip. This makes it incredibly easy for Nevada residents to place sports wagers.

However, despite plenty of options, one setback of Nevada online betting sites and sportsbooks is that customers have to sign up in person. This has left Nevada behind in comparison to other states, where bettors can freely register with a bookmaker via their mobile devices.

Online Betting Sites

In addition to the local sportsbooks, there are several great offshore options when it comes to online betting sites in Nevada. Here’s just a few of those options.

Nevada Sports Betting History

In-person sports betting in Nevada has been available since 1949 and it was the first state to regulate sports betting. As a result, the Silver State was the only place in the US where bettors could find a single-game sports wager.

For decades, the state had a stranglehold on the sports betting market, with residents of other states flocking to Vegas just to have a shot at placing a sports wager.

Las Vegas was the world’s adult playground, and anyone had to travel there to take part in the sports betting fun. That is, until Atlantic City decided to take matters into their own hands and accept sports wagers.

The State of Nevada did not like this and sued AC. After a long court battle, the US Government repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), thus ending the federal ban on sports betting and ending Nevada’s hold of the market.

Today, most in-person casinos have sportsbooks where bettors can place wagers over the counter.

Nevada Horse Betting

Residents and visitors to Nevada can freely bet on horse racing at live venues. Alternatively, they can head to one of the off-track betting establishments to wager on races from the US or around the world.

Currently, there are only two venues that offer live horse racing options. The Elko County Fair and the White Pines Horse Racing Track in Ely provide wagering options. Both tracks offer in-person wagers for in-season races.

As there are few in-person horse race wagering options in Nevada, online racebooks have proven more popular for bettors in recent years.

Since the legalization of online sports betting, Nevada betting sites have offered a range of sports options. For some, this includes horse race betting. Among the providers that have horse racing options are Atlantics Race and Sports, STN Sports, TI Sports, and Wynn Sports.

In the past, racebooks that launched in other US states, like TwinSpires and TVG, were not allowed to operate in Nevada. However, recent breakthroughs between the operators and Nevada lawmakers have opened the doors for these online operators to run platforms in the state.

Now, bettors in Nevada can benefit from the many online racebooks provided by purely online providers and in-state casino platforms.

Best Nevada Racebooks

NV Betting FAQs

Can I Bet on Sports in Nevada?
Yes, bettors in Nevada can wager on sports in-person and online. Bettors can place wagers on almost every sport, including, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS matches. Although to join an online betting site or app, players must visit the casino in person to set up their account.
How Do I Place an Online Bet in Nevada?
To place a wager via a Nevada online betting site, players first need to register with a bookmaker. Once a player has set up their account, they can safely deposit funds and place bets on their preferred sports and odds. Similarly, for online poker, players need to register with an online provider before wagering.
What is the best Nevada Online Betting Site?
Ultimately, choosing the best Nevada online betting site depends on individual preference. Some bettors want regular promotions, while others want the best sports betting odds from their platform. However, there are some features to look out for when selecting an online bookmaker. Firstly, check how many betting options are available. If a site has few odds and wagers, there may be less value available. Also, look for a good app or mobile service. Modern bettors can have quick and easy access to their accounts and a leading betting provider will have a stand-out app.