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Being well-versed in Maryland sports isn’t the only prerequisite for placing successful MD sports bets. Indeed, even a deep understanding of sports betting itself isn’t sufficient. You need to register at a top-tier sportsbook that’s legally accessible in Maryland to genuinely have the ability to place optimal sports wagers.

Without a top-quality sportsbook, the very core of sports wagering, all your diligent research, acquired knowledge, and built-up anticipation amount to nothing. A subpar sportsbook with a challenging user interface, slow operation, and less than favorable odds can impede even the most well-informed bettor.

Even when you’ve made up your mind about the wager you want to place, these hurdles could render the process nearly impossible.

On this page, we provide an overview of the current situation regarding Maryland’s online betting sites.

Best MD Sports Betting Sites in 2023

Is Maryland sports betting available?

Maryland sports betting has been state regulated since December 9, 2021. Several retail sportsbooks immediately popped up within the state, allowing users to bet on sports.

Currently, these venues can only offer in-person, retail sports bets to customers. However, the uptake in sports betting activity among Maryland bettors has been positive. In January, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency announced that customers placed over $16 million on sports wagers in December 2021.

Getting to this point took some time and there was overwhelming support for state regulated sports gambling in Maryland. In November 2020, the HB 940 Bill passed by a huge majority of 122 in favor to 16 against. The support for sports betting in the Free State is unsurprising as the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles have huge fanbases in the state.

Despite the slow developments of online sports betting in Maryland, bettors already have some idea which companies will be launching their platforms in the state.

Offshore sports betting is still being utilized in Maryland. Some of the online sportsbooks offered to Maryland users are listed below:

Maryland horse betting and racebooks

Maryland has a long, rich history with horse racing and it was first legalized in 1870. Today, one leg of the Triple Crown, the top prize in the industry, is held in Maryland. The Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the three-race event, and many times sets up the drama of a potential Triple Crown winner.

Such an iconic race naturally leads to increased betting before and during this event. As a result, it is one of the most bet on sporting events in Maryland.

In general, pari-mutuel betting is very popular among Maryland bettors and people can wager on horses all year round. Races take place at several tracks in the state. Each of these facilities also shows races from other tracks around the US. and Canada via simulcast.

Players can bet on these races at the facility, or at any of the handful of off-track betting locations in the state.

What online horse betting is available in Maryland?

Under the recent legislation, bettors can wager on pari-mutuel horse racing online. Due to the developments, players can wager on horse racing from desktop and mobile devices.

However, offshore racebooks have provided pari-mutuel bets to Maryland bettors for some time. These websites are legal, as long as betting on horse racing is allowed in the state. Also, these platforms are horse race specialists, providing in-depth odds, news, and tips for races in the US and worldwide.

All of the online betting sites listed above offer online horse betting to users.

Does Maryland have land-based casinos?

Since 2008, land-based casinos have been legal in Maryland and there are now six venues in the state. The first casino in the Free State, the Hollywood Casino, opened in 2010.

Over time, more casinos have opened their doors to Maryland bettors. State residents now have a variety of choices about where to play poker, slots, and other table games. All of the casinos have class A licenses, which allows them to offer most forms of bets.

Will Maryland online betting sites offer casino games?

When Maryland online betting sites launch later this year, they will be limited to sports wagers. As sports betting grows in the state, it is unlikely that online casino games will enter the discussion among state lawmakers. Sports betting will continue to get the most attention in the gambling arena for the next few years.

However, nearby states, including New Jersey and Delaware, have passed online casino legislation in recent years. This could pave the way for further considerations of online casino games. For now, though, bettors can stick with land-based casinos or social casinos online.

The Maryland Lottery

The Maryland Lottery first launched in 1972 and it has proven to be popular. Since starting 50 years ago, the lottery has raised money for great social causes in the state, like education and local government.

The lottery also offers a lot for players. Retailers are located all over the state, and residents can purchase tickets to several daily draw games. In addition, bettors can access the US-wide jackpots via the pooled tickets of Mega Millions and Powerball.

Maryland is one of the only US states with a lottery to also have a dedicated app. The Maryland Lottery app is available to download and players can purchase a range of tickets via this platform.

Maryland Online Betting Sites FAQs

Can you bet on sports in Maryland?
Yes, Maryland residents can place sports bets. Bettors can also wager on online sports betting platforms.
What is the best Maryland online betting site?
As there are no live Maryland online betting sites available yet, it is impossible to choose the best at this time. However, when sportsbooks do start launching in the Free State, check out our bookmaker reviews. These well-researched overviews outline the pros and cons of each US sportsbook to help customers find the best bookmaker that suits their needs.