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Despite being an entire continent away from its closest American neighbor, Alaska still operates under American Federal law and has its own set of state laws as well.

This includes laws about gambling, but being so far away from other states means that it is more likely that Alaska will have its own take and now be swayed by what is happening around them.

Here is a review of the current state of gambling in Alaska and where it may go in the future.

Top Alaska Betting Sites for 2023

Sports Betting in Alaska

Alaska falls under the same jurisdiction as the other states when it comes to sports betting. There are no locally regulated sports betting to be found in the state currently, but the repeal of PASPA by the Supreme Court in May 2018 changed the entire landscape in the U.S., and this includes up north.

Offshore Betting Sites for Alaska
Alaska does not have any online betting sites licensed by the state. Nonetheless, there’s no legislation stopping Alaskans from using offshore gambling platforms. While not every offshore site is reliable, we’ve done the necessary research to guide you towards the most secure and reputable offshore platforms. These recommended sites are also regulated and licensed by international gaming authorities.

To date, there has been no discussion of updating the laws to state regulate sports betting, but keep an eye on this page for any updates.

Online Sports Betting

Being so far away from the rest of the country, you can imagine that there is an emotional attachment to American sports regardless of team.

This love of pro and college sports creates an appetite for sports betting, and when you start to include the fact that there is an entire country of sports teams (Canada) in between Alaska and the other states, this appetite is even larger.

Alaskans are able to access to place their wagers on any and all sports at one of these sportsbooks:

Daily Fantasy in Alaska

Although sports gambling is not regulated in the state, Daily Fantasy Sports and other such contests are allowed! Users are welcome to play DFS games for real cash winnings.

Horse Betting in Alaska

Well, this will come as no real surprise to many of you, but there are no horse tracks in Alaska. In fact, there is no local betting of any kind in the state, which is probably pretty disappointing to residents.

While we can understand that the weather would not be conducive to hosting live races, having off-track betting facilities would allow Alaskans to bet on horse races simulcast from around North America. That doesn’t seem appealing enough to the state government to add any legislation, so, for now, it doesn’t look like the status of this topic will change.

Best Alaska Racebooks

Online Horse Betting

So, if you want to bet on a horse race and you live in Alaska, what are you to do? There are many people who live in Alaska that are from other areas of the continent so they may have a predisposition to bet on the ponies. In this case, Alaskans are relegated to using one of the many offshore racebooks that offer racing options.

These sites allow players to register for accounts, make deposits and bets, and then watch races live via streaming. This is good enough for most people, and if you don’t have a credit card to make a deposit, then you can always go buy a prepaid card or use one of the alternative funding methods.

Casino Gambling in Alaska

The clampdown on gambling extends into the casino industry in Alaska. Even though you would think that there would be an appetite for slots and table games in such a remote area, the state has decided to only award Class II licenses to tribal communities.

These licenses allow for Bingo and Lottery style games, but not card games or the traditional slot machines you would see in a casino in the Lower 48.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sports betting state regulated in Alaska?
No, sports betting is not state regulated in Alaska. There are no professional sports teams in the state to help push this forward, although it wouldn’t be surprising to see a discussion start now that other states are able to regulate sports betting.
When will sports betting be state regulated in Alaska?
The state has a very conservative view of gambling as a whole, so we think that it is possible that sports betting could take years to penetrate the walls of government, if at all. We would not expect anything to happen in the state until at least 2024.
What is the best online sportsbook for residents of Alaska?
You can wager at any of these online sportsbooks if you are a resident of Alaska; Bovada,,,,,

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