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With one of the largest populations of any country in the world, and a propensity to gamble, the Indian online betting market is one of the most desirable to operators. However, the country does come with more challenges when it comes to launching and maintaining sites. India has long had a conservative view on gambling, with exceptions made for horse racing and lottery games. Recently, the government has been less resistant to change, and we have seen a turn for the better when it comes to regulated gaming. There are still plenty of sites to choose from for Indian players, and here is an overview of how we rate these sites when we review them with Indian players in mind.

Features of a Good Indian Betting Site

Of course, the most important thing we look for when performing our reviews is whether or not a site is available for betting from India. Many sites have chosen to sit on the sidelines rather than take the risk of opening in the market, which isn’t great for players, but there are many sites available to choose from. Once we filter the sites down to India-friendly ones, it is time to take a deeper dive to see what these sites have to offer. This includes a look at the following categories.

Mobile Capability

This is one of the most important attributes of a betting site that we look at when considering sites for Indian players. Today, there are far more mobile devices users than PC users in that region, so we want to find the sites that have the best mobile platforms. Our extensive testing process includes looking at how well a site has converted the information from the desktop version to mobile, along with a review of the site navigation. Of course, we test betting on the mobile devices to ensure that there are no inconsistencies and that the betting methods are simple to understand.

Game Selection

The Indian betting market is going to have a different makeup than many countries in North America and Europe. Sports like soccer, cricket and horse racing are more popular than the traditional powerhouse sports in America, so the best betting sites for Indians are the ones that offer the most games and matches in those sports. This includes not only the major international competitions but drilling down into the leagues that can be found in India and around the region. Not every betting site will offer these types of leagues so we provide a comprehensive list of what Indians can expect to find on each of the sites we recommend.

Live Streaming

Along with the lower number of PC users, there are fewer options when it comes to broadcasting sports on television in India. As a result, many Indian bettors are left looking for places to view the sports on which they have placed bets. We have noticed a rise in the number of betting sites that offer live streaming of sports directly from their websites. We give these sites a higher ranking because they open up opportunities for viewing which in turn will allow players to make in-game bets with more confidence. Most of these sites will allow you to steam the sports from your mobile devices, and you will only need to have created an account and made a deposit to gain access to the streams.


Many betting sites will accept different forms of currency for deposits, but exchanges your local currency into the currency they want you to bet with on the site. This exchange of currency on both the depositing and withdrawing end can be costly, and these expenses eat into your ability to be profitable as a player. We look for sites that allow Indians to deposit and maintain their accounts in Rupees (₹ INR), and if the site also allows for betting in local currency, then that’s even better.

The Best India Betting Sites

After all the time we have spent reviewing betting sites, we are able to give each site a rating based not only on the criteria above but also dozens of other data points. At the end of this exercise, we can confidently present you with a list of the best India Betting Sites. This list below contains sites that we feel are at the top of the heap when it comes to catering to the Indian betting market. Of course, the list will change as new sites come along and as others pull out of the market, but for the time being these are the sites we think you should start with if you are considering creating a betting account.


With the positive movement from the government concerning online gambling (and gambling in general), we have a very hopeful outlook for the online betting industry moving forward. We’ll stay on top of any news that comes from the region and will update this page accordingly, so you can rest assured this will be your source for the most in-depth coverage of the India betting market.