All You Need to Know About Prop Bets

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Prop betting has become increasingly popular in the sports betting world over the last few years.

With the massive growth of the sports betting market, it has become so easy to place a bet from your phone or computer.

Player Prop bets are one of the most popular prop bets and it only relies on one thing: a single player.

Let’s break down the Prop Bet market and the best way to bet them!

What is a Prop Bet?

Many of you reading this page probably aren’t even sure what a prop bet is!

You came to the right place.

Funnily enough, you probably have made a prop bet and didn’t even know it!

A proposition bet (prop for short) is a bet that is not made on the outcome of the game, but the proposition of one part of the game or connecting two outcomes.

These bets can be as simple as Yes and No props such as:

  • Will the New England Patriots score more than 3 Touchdowns in this game?
  • How many Touchdowns will the New England Patriots score in this game?
  • How many touchdowns will Tom Brady throw in this game?

If you look at the examples above, New England Patriots don’t need to win the game or cover the spread for a prop bet to cash.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of potential prop bets that can be placed during one game.

These bets are especially exciting for Live Betting and can make watching games much more interesting.

Props are fun to bet on in any game but are especially enticing for massive events, like the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl – the Prop Bet haven

If you have attended a Super bowl party in the last decade, you have probably entered a small pool where you had to pick the answers to a series of questions about the game.

This sheet of questions are all prop bets.

The bets you can make are not limited to the events inside the lines; here are some of the more interesting ones available at all sportsbooks for the big game.

  • What will be the outcome of the coin toss?
  • How long will the national anthem be?
  • What color will the Gatorade tossed on the winning coach be?
  • How many shots of the commissioner will occur on television during the broadcast?
  • What will the number of the jersey that scores the first touchdown be?

Prop betting on the Superbowl is insanely popular – in fact, there are way more prop bets listed for this game than any other sporting event.

This isn’t entirely shocking when you consider the sheer number of people who watch the game.

For Superbowl 52, some sportsbooks offered over 900 different prop bets on the game.

More eyes=more money to be made.

Why make Prop Bets?

In years past, the sportsbooks were all too happy to take your action on prop bets.

The reason for this is that they were considered to be suckers’ bets – bets that would be more likely to lose.

The sportsbooks would prey on players’ love of their own teams and favorite players, betting with their hearts instead of their heads.

However, in this new information age, people have access to more real-time information about games than in the past.

This actually gives players a chance to gain an advantage over a site.

Say, for example, you find out about an injury to a player before the sportsbook does.

In that case, you have an opportunity to find additional value in that player’s prop.

This gives the player an advantage if they can find a prop that isn’t adjusted to reflect the news.

Players love prop bets for many reasons.

Whether it’s people who believe they have access to information before a sportsbook does or just finding a really great matchup.

Books are getting better and better at managing Prop lines.

However, the best gamblers will still be able to race to their favorite sites to beat the system.

Player Props Explained

With increased mobile betting, more sports information is available than ever before.

Many players are interested in more than just the final score of a game.

Because of that, Prop betting is one of the most exciting markets to be on.

Betting on LeBron to score over 30+ points or Tyreek Hill to have over 100+ receiving yards is more exciting to some bettors than a team to win the game.

The Player prop market is growing more and more every day and gives so many more options to players than ever before.

Finding advantageous matchups for a particular player and crunching the numbers of his/her past performances is another great way to find value.

For example, let’s say that the Lakers are taking on the Spurs in the NBA tonight.

LeBron James’ points line has been set at 27.5 points.

You have the opportunity to bet the over or under here and you notice that LeBron has gone over 28 points in 8 straight road games with a 5 point or less spread.

The Lakers are playing on the road and it is only a 3 point spread.

In this situation, all the numbers point to LeBron having a high likelihood of scoring 28 points yet again tonight, so the OVER is the best bet.

Why Bet Player Props

The Player prop market has exploded and is present in all the major sports.

You can bet on player props in basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and soccer and not just basic props.

You can bet on rebounds, assists, etc. in Basketball.

Strikeouts, total bases, etc. in Baseball.

Passing yards, rushing yards etc. in Football.

Shots on goal, Goalie Saves, etc in Hockey and Soccer.

The opportunities in the world of Player Prop betting is endless and a really fun market to bet on.

We cover lots of prop bets in our daily pieces so be sure to check out where we are finding the value and how we like to bet on Player props.