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Betting in Europe has long been a part of many of the individual countries’ culture. Unlike the way online gambling is treated in North America, the European nations have embraced the technology, and this has not surprisingly led to a plethora of great betting options for players. However, with so many different countries making up the region, and with the European Union streamlining a lot of the legislation, it is still important o do your research before you select a betting site. Our company prides itself on our review process, and we wanted to let you in on how we go about finding the best sites for European bettors.

Features of a Good Euro Betting Site

There are many things to consider when preparing to select a betting site. This includes some attributes that are more obvious than others. Our team of experts covers both the general criteria that a site should have, as well as many of the items that are more specific to a country or region. Here’s a snapshot of some of the more important qualities we look for in a Euro Betting site before recommending any to our readers.


This is clearly one of the most important factors that make a Euro-focused gambling site successful. With so many different countries in the region, there are a lot of languages that need to be supported. This starts with a website that is translated into as many languages as possible, so players can easily understand promotions and site navigation. Taking it a step further, we look for sites that offer multi-lingual customer service options to their players. This can be either by email or any of the real-time support options, but the main thing is that players should feel comfortable being able to explain their issues in their native tongues. Sites that do not offer this level of support tend to receive lower marks from our team.

Sports offered

Casual gamblers or sports fans may not realize it, but there are a significant amount of professional sports leagues in Europe. Many countries have several levels of soccer alone, so when you are selecting a Euro betting site, you want to ensure that the site offers betting on the specific league you are interested in. As some sites only focus on the major leagues, our team breaks down each site to show you which are more likely to have the games and matches you want to bet on.

Live Betting

Live betting is very popular as a pastime in Europe, as it gives punters more opportunity to bet on a match aside from picking the winner. For sports like soccer, there are many in-game betting options, including picking the time of the next goal to the number of the jersey of the player to score next. The best Euro Betting sites are the ones that embrace in-game live betting and give you the most available bets.

Mobile Apps

With online gambling being legal in most of the European nations, both Apple and Google have changed their position on real money gambling apps in recent years. The two operators have been approving betting apps for use on their devices for a few years, so we highlight the reviews of sites that have built a native app for iOS or Android. These apps allow you to store your login information and make it easier to access your account (even though the mobile browser version of most sites is still quite satisfactory). The best native apps are those that give you access to all the bets you could from your PC but in a tidier format for your phone or tablet.

Payment Options

This may be both the most boring and most important factor when selecting a Euro Betting site. Today, there are hundreds of payment options for bettors, but with so many out there, it is important to find sites that offer the best for your individual country. This can include localized processing companies that will process transactions in the local currency, thus avoiding any exchange rate issues. Also, finding the methods that will pay you the fastest and with the least amount of fees is a crucial piece of the betting journey.

The Best Euro Betting Sites

This may have been the most fun our team has had, as the number of fantastic Euro betting sites is staggering. Of course, this also makes it more difficult to choose a handful to put in the following Recommended List. We have tried to be diverse with this list – they are all great sites from a Betting perspective, but some offer more than just sports so you can use your account to play casino games or poker as well. Each selection ranks high for attributes like support and betting options, and we are sure that if you try any of them that you will not be disappointed by your experience.