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Cricket betting sites see plenty of activity worldwide due to the global popularity of this historic sport. Millions of fans globally follow the cricket action each season, with plenty of fans from Europe, Africa, and Asia. With a massive spectator base, it’s no surprise that there is big business in cricket betting.

Yet, despite its popularity in pockets around the world, cricket has never earned global acclaim like soccer, golf, or tennis. One of the main reasons for this setback is the length of matches. For instance, international Test Matches last 10 hours a day for up to 5 days at a time.

Ultimately, this has made the sport challenging from a viewing perspective. But cricket governing bodies have introduced different formats to make the sport more inclusive of today’s viewing audience. There are now matches that last only a few hours in total. This, along with the advent of mobile betting sites to complement the shorter matches has increased recent cricket betting.

Although North America is one region where cricket has not completely taken off, there are still good options for fans of the sport. Here, we guide bettors through some of the cricket betting sites available in the USA.

Features of Good Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket betting options are common on most sportsbooks, highlighting the sport’s global appeal. However, some providers have better quality options compared to others.

Selecting the right cricket betting sites can seem confusing at first glance, especially for fans just getting into the sport. But we have shared some criteria that can help you notice the standout cricket sites.

Selection of markets

Cricket has one of the most extensive betting markets in the sports gambling world. The game is full of detail and rules that can stump even the most loyal cricket fan. But, in terms of sports betting, this can add additional excitement for bettors who like to wager on cricket.

When selecting a cricket betting site, a provider must have most type of bet available that you need. For new punters, this could be just money lines and correct scores. However, more advanced cricket bettors will want more options from their sportsbooks.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most sought-after bets for all cricket fans. If a betting site has these available, then they are offering a good cricket service for customers.

  • Total match sixes
  • Most run-outs
  • 1st Over total runs
  • Race to 10 runs
  • Player performance
  • Top team batsman
  • Most runs by a batsman
  • Top team bowler
  • Man of the match
  • Match sixes
  • Team to make highest first 6 overs score
  • A fifty to be scored in the match
  • A hundred to be scored in the match

Tutorials and Guides

The difference between cricket at many other team sports is its complexity. Spectators may tune in to the latest match and scratch their heads when trying to figure out the rules. Luckily, bettors don’t need to know the ins and outs of the sport to wager on it.

However, knowing some key terms helps with finding good value bets, offers, and markets. If a betting site has a short, simple guide or tutorial on cricket terms or even a how-to video, this is a big plus. Such attention to detail also highlights how bookmakers will provide additional support for their customers.

Live Streaming

Unless you live in a country that is crazy for cricket, you aren’t likely going to find any of the matches broadcast on television. As a result, finding a place to be able to watch the events on which you are betting becomes a priority.

Many betting sites these days offer a streaming component to their real money clients. We try to find all the sites that will allow you to find the streams of the matches you want and this way you can keep track of the bets you have made.

In-Game Betting

When you start to use cricket betting sites, you will quickly understand that your bets on the outcome of a match are going to take a long while to complete. To stay interested during these times, many sites offer you the chance to make bets while the match is in-play. Such wagers include when the next six will be hit, how many balls the batter will face, etc. These bets will often be cleared as the events take place, allowing you to get your winnings back into play.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Even if you are not a die-hard cricket fan, you can still use a simple betting strategy to place potentially profitable wagers. To help new cricket bettors get started, we have shared a few things to look for before laying down real money on a wager.

Pay Attention to Rankings

In cricket, there are team rankings and individual player rankings for best batsman and bowler. Looking at the official International Cricket Council (ICC) rankings before placing a wager gives a quick insight into who is in good form. If the number one batsman in the world is playing in a chosen match, checking out the top team batsman, or man of the match markets can be useful.

Home vs Away

As cricket is played across different continents with different climates, the outcome of a match can favor the home team. The host nation is more likely to be used to their home conditions. For example, the dry, hot conditions in Australia often trip up visiting nations. While the colder weather in England can impact the away team.

Another factor to consider is the impact of home vs away supporters. Cricket fans that attend games can become passionate and roar their team on to win, especially in cricket-mad nations like India, Pakistan, England, and Australia. At home, this fandom can impact a team’s performance heavily.

Weather plays a role

Although weather impacts many sports in different ways, it has a much bigger impact on a cricket pitch. Any wet weather can delay cricket matches, which massively increases the chances of a draw in a match.

The conditions can also work in favor of a bowling side or a batting side, depending on how long the match is. As a result, thinking about where a match is being played and how incoming weather may affect the pitch is key to the outcome.

Lords Cricket Ground Weather

The Best Cricket Betting Sites

After reviewing all the cricket betting sites available, we come up with ratings based on the criteria above along with many other factors. From these ratings, we put together a list for you of the best sites that offer the best options for cricket betting. We think that if you choose from any of these sites, you will have an excellent overall playing experience.

However, it is worth considering what your individual needs are from a cricket sportsbook. By checking out our individual and well-researched bookmaker reviews, you can cherry-pick the best features that suit you. From here, you can then make a well-informed decision without depositing any funds.


While it has often been misunderstood, cricket is actually a really fun sport to watch. This is especially the case if you have a few bets in play.

Once you get the hang of the different bet types and terms in cricket, you will be hooked on the sport! Hopefully, the sites we have recommended will offer you a great way to bet on cricket, and we welcome your feedback on any of the sites you have used in the past.

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