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Cricket is one of the most interesting sports played around the world, but given its history of lengthy matches, it has been a difficult one for many people to follow with regularity. International Test Matches that lasted 10 hours a day for up to 5 days at a time made the sport challenging from a viewing perspective, to say the least.

Recently, many changes have been made to the sport to make it more inclusive of today’s viewing audience. There are now matches that last only a few hours in total, as well as the introduction of several smaller-scale events featuring teams from around the world. At the end of the day, while the sport is still massively popular in certain parts of the world, it is still gaining acceptance in others.

This is where betting on the sport comes in. With the advent of mobile betting sites to complement the shorter matches, new viewers could come to the sport via gambling. Cricket has a lot of compelling bets that can be made, and as you will see from this page, if you find a great Cricket Betting site then you will be able to take advantage of great odds on a sport that is still being learned in places like North America.

Features of a Good Cricket Betting Site

If you are a huge fan of cricket looking to bet on more than just the major events, or a novice who is just starting to understand the nuances of the game, finding a great betting site is a critical step in your betting journey. There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which are very different than finding a site that focuses on the major sports. Here are some of the criteria that our team looks at when reviewing sites with an eye for cricket betting:

Bet Types Available

Cricket has a very different set of rules than many other sports. Specifically, a batter can bat for hours as long as he doesn’t get out. This is why matches can last for days. While there are changes to the rules on length of matches, the way the game is played is still the same. When we look at cricket betting sites, we are looking for places that offer the most bet types such as:

  • Total match sixes
  • Most run outs
  • 1st Over total runs
  • Race to 10 runs
  • Player performance
  • Top team batsman
  • Most runs by a batsman
  • Top team bowler
  • Man of the match
  • Match sixes
  • Team to make highest first 6 overs score
  • A fifty to be scored in the match
  • A hundred to be scored in the match

Cricket Rules and Tutorials

Ok, we guess that for many of you, the above list of bets looked like it was written in a different language. Don’t worry, we are here to help! There are many places that you can go to learn about cricket betting, but we like when a glossary of betting terms is built right into the app itself.

Live Streaming

Unless you live in a country that is crazy for cricket, you aren’t likely going to find any of the matches broadcast on television. As a result, finding a place to be able to watch the events on which you are betting becomes a priority. Many betting sites these days offer a streaming component to their real money clients. We try to find all the sites that will allow you to find the streams of the matches you want and this way you can keep track of the bets you have made.

In-Game Betting

When you start to bet on cricket, you will quickly understand that your bets on the outcome of a match are going to take a long while to complete. To stay interested during these times, many sites offer you the chance to make bets while the match in in-play, including things such as when the next six will be hit, how many balls the batter will face, etc. These bets will often be cleared as the events take place, allowing you to get your winnings back into play if you like.

The Best Cricket Betting Sites

After reviewing all the sites that we do, we come up with ratings based on the criteria above along with many other factors. From these ratings, we are able to put together a list for you of the best sites that offer the best options for those of you wanting to make bets on Cricket. We think that if you choose from at any of these sites, you will have an excellent overall playing experience.


While it has often been misunderstood, cricket is actually a really fun sport to watch, especially if you have a few bets in play. Once you get the hang of the different bet types, you will be hooked on the sport! Hopefully, the sites we have recommended will offer you a great way to bet on cricket, and we welcome your feedback on any of the sites you have used in the past.

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