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The Chinese betting market is massive but has been a logistical nightmare for many online gambling sites that have tried to penetrate the space. It has long been known that the Chinese people like to gamble, but the Communist government has control over what players can access from their Internet-connected devices. There have been several high-profile raids of offices operating sites that accept Chinese players, but despite that risk, there are still many sites which will take players from the region. If you are looking at all the sites on the market today that accept players from China, you may think that the majority of them are the same. However, our team of reviewers goes to great lengths to comprehensively review every site, offering you the insight you may not see anywhere else. Let’s look at what makes a great Chinese Betting site and which ones we think you should choose for your wagering.

Features of a Good Chinese Betting Site

As we mentioned, despite the government’s stance on gambling, there are still many options for Chinese players when it comes to betting sites. When we review any betting site, we have a list of criteria we need to look at to give the site a proper rating.


While many sites offer betting to Chinese players, there are far less who go to the next level by translating their websites. This is a real issue for a lot of Chinese bettors, as it makes it far more difficult to find the best they are looking for, and almost impossible to understand any bonuses or promotions on the site. We look for sites that not only offer a Chinese version but also provide customer support in Asian languages as well. These are the sites we feel are best suited for Chinese players offering support in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Mobile Capability

The mobile penetration in China is massive, and with hundreds of millions of mobile users, the opportunity to gamble from a phone or tablet is too great to turn down. As a result, we look at the sites we review with a mobile-friendly lens as well. While there are no native apps for download, players can access accounts and make bets from the browsers of their devices, so finding a site that has the best mobile-friendly navigation makes it much easier for players to find odds and make bets.

Game Selection

Aside from the major sports leagues around the world, there is a whole subset of Chinese sports that locals are very interested in gambling on regularly. The best betting sites for Chinese players are those that focus on these more local events, often adding resources that are knowledgeable in that region. This allows a sportsbook to offer more localized betting options without taking a bath due to not know these leagues and matches that well.

Live Streaming

With the government controlling what people can see on their televisions, you can imagine that there are not a lot of options for viewing North American or European sports. The site we recommend all tend to have a Live Stream of many sports available to their real-money players. This is a real way that sites can provide extra value to their players, as many of them would not otherwise be able to see a game live.

Multiple Product Lines

Seeing that it is a challenge to break into the Chinese market, the best betting sites also give players access to multiple products. The biggest of these would be the ability to bet on eSports, which is wildly successful in China. With a number of major eSports competitions being hosted in the area, the amount bet on these video game matches is bound to grow as well. We look at this emerging market as a huge potential for betting sites, so the sites who are willing to take that risk early are likely to be the ones that reap the most benefit from it as well.

The Best Chinese Betting Sites

Ok, now you have an idea of what research goes into our site reviews. Shifting gears a bit here, now we want to give you a boost in starting your Chinese betting journey with a list of sites that we think are the best for the region. All of these sites offer great payment options, game selection and a focus on the Asian market in particular. These sites also have great mobile versions which will be of note to anyone looking to bet on your phone or tablet.


With a population of over 1 billion people and a huge propensity to gamble, it is no wonder that there are so many betting sites looking to attract Chinese players. However, the country does provide a lot of challenges to operators trying to take their piece of the action. We are constantly on the hunt for great new sites that cater to the Chinese gambler and will continue to update this page as we come across anything that we think you need to be made aware of.