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Australians are big fans of gambling. Unfortunately, the Australian Government has had a love/hate relationship with online gambling, which has resulted in a rollercoaster for the industry. Now, the country does have legalized gambling which is overseen by government-run agencies, but when it comes to selecting an online betting site for Australians, it is a bit more of a challenge. Our site has been focused on the changes in the Australian betting market over the years, and with that our team has been able to update our reviews on a regular basis based on which sites are no longer accepting Australian players.

Features of a Good Australian Betting Site

Even with all the changes in the Australian online gambling market, there are still a lot of sites to choose from. Depending on what you are looking to bet on, or how comfortable you are with where the site is located, you can filter through all the options. Our reviewers research each site extensively, looking at these data points below among others when formulating our ratings and rankings.

Site Location

As we mentioned, the online gambling industry has had a tumultuous past in Australia. As it stands today, sites that are based unregulated are not supposed to take bets from Australian customers. That has forced many of the larger names out of the space, but not all of the betting sites have complied with the new rules. Some sites are based in Australia that allow for legal betting, but this comes with taxation and limited betting options. If you are comfortable playing with a site based outside the country, then your options are more varied. Our team looks for sites that have gaming licenses or that work with reputable partners so we can feel more confident recommending them to our readers.

Customer Service

One thing that may dissuade you from playing at a particular betting site is realizing that the support department is not open 24 hours a day. This can be a real issue for Australians as the hours that most sites close for the night are in the middle of the day in Australia. We let you know all the customer service quirks of every site so you know which ones may cause some issues for you if you are trying to reach them while they are not open.

Australian Sports

Regardless of where a site is located, to find the best Australian betting sites, we have looked at all the sports that are available for wagering when performing our reviews. There are many layers of sports in Australia that aren’t bet on by players overseas, so the best sites are those that cater to Australians by giving the most choices to bet on local leagues and teams.

Currency and Payments

When the Australian government changed the gaming law recently, it made it even more difficult for citizens to be able to make deposits at international sites. The sites have responded, and these days the best sites still offer multiple options for both deposits and payouts. On top of the processing itself, it is important to find a site that allows you to do your banking in Australian currency. Having to have your money exchanged to USD or Euro will come with some expense, and this takes away from your overall profitability. We let you know which sites allow you to bank (and play) in Australian dollars.

Live Betting and Live Streaming

In-game betting continues to grow in popularity, so these days we are seeing more sites focus on the Live Betting sections of their businesses. Sports like soccer, Aussie Rules Football and Tennis are all ones that benefit from Live Betting, so we look for sites to recommend that offer the most in-game options across these leagues.

Live Streaming of sports goes hand-in-hand with the Live Betting options, and given how many sports are available at betting sites that aren’t broadcast on TV in Australia, players are going to be searching for places to watch some of these events. The best betting sites have a section dedicated to live streaming of sports from across the globe, which will allow you to see the games you are betting on in real time. We aren’t sure how these sites get away with this currently, but we won’t complain, as it gives you a chance to watch some major leagues from around the world in the luxury of your own home.

The Best Australian Betting Sites

After considering all the sites that are available, we have come up with this list of Australian Betting sites that we would gladly recommend to our readers. These represent the highest-rated sites from our team when it comes to game selection, support, and banking, and most importantly they are sites that still accept Australian players! Some of these sites may end up leaving the market, so your best bet to bookmark this page and visit often as we will be updating it to reflect best the most up-to-date information we can get our hands on.