Madden 2020 Rankings Released; What Players have Legit Beef?

Tyler Vaysman

Madden 2020 dropped its ratings and players aren’t happy. Should gamblers care or just laugh at the chaos?

One of the funniest NFL-related things lately, or every year for that matter, has been the impending release of the Madden NFL video game’s infamous player ratings. These ratings, which indicate how good a particular player is in the game, is generated based on a lot of things. For one, it’s generated based on how that particular player has performed in real life. It’s also generated based on the stats and output that is compiled by advanced analytics.

In other words, the purpose of all of this is to say that the Madden developers aren’t just throwing it against a wall and trying to see if it sticks. These are the ratings that are specifically engineered and designed. That said, real-life players are getting very upset over the perceived effect these ratings may have on their polygonal counterparts. So much so that they have complained out loud on social media about their displeasure with their ratings. As a result, a lot of individuals have actually been trying to see if there is a way they can possibly capitalize on the ratings in terms of making wagers, particularly, player props.

One of the most important stats to keep in mind is the fact that a lot of these numbers are generated based on past performances. That said, past performance is a notoriously bad indicator of what’s going to happen in the future, but if the game is any predictor of future success, then it should be used by gamblers to see if they can figure out if there is any possible edge, and if so, where is it?

The Ridiculously Low Ranking of Aaron Rodgers

While some might argue (when healthy) that Aaron Rodgers is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, Madden seems to disagree. While having a top-10 ranking is by no means disrespect, it is a bit disrespectful if you’re No. 10 behind a bunch of ringless, overrated quarterbacks despite having some of the most impressive arm talent in the entire league.

Rodgers is currently the 10th-ranked QB, and the likes of Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson are ranked above him. Mind you, Aaron Rodgers, when healthy, has had some of the most ridiculous and absurd numbers of a QB in NFL history, and for him to be ranked that low, it’s a bit of a travesty, particularly in the minds of those that know how great he is. But while that’s the present situation, it’s not going to shift the other bettors from being able to get on the cases of those who really know how to move into place. This is what makes things so critical for those looking to make a sizable wager for a big-time profit.

These rankings are way off. There’s no other way to put it. But because of this, as a gambler, you can certainly get inflated lines on a lot of these teams, like the Green Bay Packers, who are woefully underpriced. Meanwhile, teams like the Chicago Bears, which are largely unproven, can attract the majority of the action from bettors looking to cash in on their success.

So while the Madden ratings have kept most of the players down, they can possibly help keep your profits up, ensuring you can maximize revenue and score some big-time victories from a gambling perspective. If you’re looking to find an opportunity to score with some dead-on wagers, definitely look for the Packers long term as people continue to doubt them and overlook what they’re capable of doing simply because of Madden.

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