The Dynamics of Betting: Finding Value and Not Buying the Hype!

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For anyone in the gambling space, you know that a crazy 200-1 (+20000) longshot hit this weekend. It is one of those hits you almost think would never happen. Well, some employees at FanDuel thought just that and man were they wrong.

If you are not familiar, FanDuel offered a bet this weekend that required every team in the 1pm EST and 4pm EST games to hit 1 field goal in their respective game. The odds were ridiculous, and it hit…big time. It is being reported that FanDuel paid out to the tune of $20 million.

One of the biggest hits was by JD (@JDGoldBoys on X), who is one of the head operators of the Gold Boys discord. His discord charges for access to their picks and research from many handicappers. Big congratulations to JD and anyone else who cashed!

When bets like this hit, it always becomes a big eye opener. For those who bet regularly, it shows how much value is really out there if you look. To those who don’t though, it looks like a quick way to get rich.

There are so many different dynamics to betting from there being more ways to bet then the Moneyline, spread or total. People are learning more about betting those 3 things, but in a half or quarter. A new area that has become popular is Player Props, where you bet to see how much of a statistic a player gets more or less of.

Let’s talk a little more about all these things. This amazing hit and FanDuel; finding the value in more than just the Moneyline, spread and totals such as player props or specials; and the importance of knowing how rare these things are!

FanDuel Longshot Special Parlay Hits and Payouts out Millions

There were 24 teams in action Sunday between the 1pm and 4pm kick off games and all the bettors needed was 1 field goal from each.

It’s insane to think this bet hit, but that’s why it was 200-1 (+20000). A hit like this can really shake this up inside the company.

JD from Gold boys shared his play not only in his discord, but also on X. He recommended that it was “worth a dollar.” That tweet then made the play suggested to another 165K people.

We have to wonder how they come up with these specials and how do they make the odds. I’d be lying if I said I thought that would hit one day because I never thought it would have. I’ve seen it a bunch of times and just passed on it.

It’s reported that FanDuel paid out over $20 million dollars on just this special. Regardless of how much we know the books already make, you know someone's butt is on the fire for this one.

Whether they gave too good of odds or just a bad bet, I’m sure someone will have to answer for this. No reports have come out officially of anyone being removed or fired at FanDuel.

Finding value in games other than the Moneyline, Spread or Total

Seeing Specials bets hit like this one is always cool. It’s an entire area of the marketplace that is rather untapped, which is why the odds can be so crazy sometimes.

There are also ways to find value in prop betting. You can bet a statistic for a player in the sport of your desire to get more or less of that stat. In the Player Prop market, you can really find some gems. From alternating the amounts to finding niche props, you can make some nice coin.

Finding the niche props that aren’t that popular is huge. Field goal kicking, as an example, isn’t the most popular bet for the NFL, but if you looked hard enough Sunday, you found a gem.

The Specials categories in the NFL have been very interesting. Some other examples of very good odd's specials are Both teams to record 1 TD and 1 FG in each half or Each team to record 1 Passing TD and 1 Rushing TD.

Stay within your means and don’t get caught up in the hype!

As awesome as these things are, it’s extremely important to remember they are rare. The odds were what they were for a reason and if you are going to play it, like JD said – it’s worth a buck…but that’s it!

When people see hits like this, they start over extending trying to hit the next one. This can be extremely dangerous for new bettors. It’s very important to stay within your means, only bet with money you can lose and have good bankroll management.

Don’t ever let the size of someone else's bet impact yours, especially if you are only looking at the dollar amount. And it’s important to remember that it’s a marathon, not a race, so trying to hit bets like that on the regular is not realistic.

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