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The Alliance of American Football league may be new, but gambling on the sport of football is not! The popularity of online gambling has exploded over the last decade and only looks to keep growing. There are new sites every day all offering lines and wagers. However, not all of these sites are created equal especially when it comes to certain sports and leagues such as the AAF. Here we will give you not only the best sites to choose from but also the features and strategies you need to be successful when betting the AAF.

Differences between the AAF and the NFL

The AAF is Football but a different brand than the NFL. The general rules of the game are the same between the two leagues but there are some new rules that set apart the AAF when compared with the NFL. How these new rules will impact betting on AAF games versus betting on NFL games remains to be seen but the general consensus is that the AAF games should have higher scoring and more upsets.

Here are the key rule changes that should impact your betting decisions on AAF games:

No Kickoffs: the teams start at 25 yards line in AAF games at the start of a half or after their opponent scores

No extra point kick: AAF teams have to go for a two-points conversion every time they score a touchdown.

Fairer overtime: if an AAF game goes into overtime, each team will have a chance to score, the coinflip is no longer such a deciding factor on the odds of winning the game…

More limited Blitz: AAF defenses can no longer put hard pressure on Quarterbacks with overpowering Blitzing.

Obviously, these Football rule changes are designed to make the AAF a higher scoring league and, as the promoters hope, more exciting than the NFL.

We expect that with easier scoring opportunities in the AAF, the bookmakers will adapt the over/under perfectly but this should add chances for the underdog to cover the spread or to upset the AAF betting favorites more often…

Top Features to look for in an AAF betting site

If you are looking to take a stab at betting on the AAF, your first winning move is to pick the right sportsbook.

Online gambling sites are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the pack and one way they do this is by offering certain features. Some of these features are great and will help you place the types of wagers that allow you to win. Others do not and are nothing more than discractions.

Here are the three features you need in any AAF online betting site you choose:

Fast Lines

Some of the online sportsbooks wait to put up their lines on sporting events, or they will release them slowly and staggered over some time. You want a sportsbook that has its lines up as fast as possible. Every line at that. The quicker the sportsbook has their lines set; the more trustworthy they are as it means two things: 1. They are setting their own lines and not waiting to see what all the other sportsbooks are doing and 2. They have plenty of action in their sportsbook so you will be getting a solid number on that action. The sportsbooks that get their lines up the quickest are the best. AAF betting is new for players and sportsbooks alike so the best sportsbooks will soon reveal themselves in their ability to post AAF betting lines quicker than their competition.

Live Betting

Live Betting is one of the newer innovations to hit the online gambling world, and it is a feature you can not do without. If the sportsbook you are using does not carry this option, you must find a new online sportsbook as soon as possible. This feature gives you the opportunity to wager on games that have already begun with up to the minute odds, point spreads, and even totals. This option is great because not only does it allow you to get in wagers after kickoff but also makes for a great hedge when your initial bet isn’t panning out. The Live Betting feature is a must-have in any AAF betting site.

Bonuses and Promotions

Every online gambling site is going to have bonuses and promotions these days. However, it is essential to find the best ones, and it isn’t always as easy as looking for the biggest bonus. First of all, you want options. The site you decide on should have several bonus packages available in their bonus program. Secondly, you want low rollovers. The rollover is a simple way for the online sportsbook to guarantee that you are using their bonuses to wager in their sportsbook, which is fair enough. However, some sites gouge you with their rollovers, making them so high there is no way you’d ever fulfill them. Find the bonuses but read the fine print.

AAF Betting Strategy

It is important to remember that the AAF is a new league and not a new sport. If you have a football strategy that works, it will probably serve you well in the AAF as well. However, before you apply your winning strategy, take a few of these pointers into consideration first.

Pick Your Spots

With a new league such as the AAF, you’ll want to pick your spots when placing a wager. Start small and play slow as the AAF is new to everyone and there is plenty to learn. Find a few bets you like and play those out, but there is no reason to jump in too fast with both feet and get in way over your head. Especially on a football league with so few teams and such limited talent. Stick to a few beats on hot teams and show some discipline. It’s the only way to make wagering on a new league work.

Dogs and Points

The AAF is a new league with new teams, and the oddsmakers have to respect that. For this reason, the lines are going to be a bit tighter than usual, and when the lines are tight, you want to stick with the underdogs. No one has any real experience with these teams, so there are bound to be good upsets. Especially on the road as home-field advantage won’t mean as much in the new league as it does in the old one. Take the underdogs. Take the points.

Eye the AAF Standings

These are new teams in a new league, so there is no history to rely on so watching the standings is very important as it is your best resource in discovering how the teams match up against each other. It’s not just the wins and losses column either. Pay close attention to who they have played and who they have beaten as well as their win streaks. In a new league, you need to go back to basics.

The Best AAF Betting Sites

To help you find the best AAF betting sites, we’ve gone out of our way to review all of the sites offering AAF betting and have put together a list of the very best. When we review a website, we look at the bet types that are offered to players, along with the bonuses that are promoted. Many sites will offer AAF-specific bonuses and contests, which you should be taking advantage of to maximize the value of your deposit.

We prefer sites that have great bonuses which will go directly to your bottom line. We also like the sites that have solid mobile interfaces, as this is an important part of placing in-game wagers. Just remember, these are sites that our team not only recommends but uses as well as we are online sports gamblers just like you are and we are always on the lookout for the best.