Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is an intriguing market for bettors, mainly because there are plenty of tennis games throughout the year. Unlike other sports, tennis also comes with vast betting markets. The ATP and WTA provide many events each week for 11 straight months making it one of the biggest betting markets. This alone gives punters many bet markets to bet on each week. When you factor in other Gand Slam tournaments such as the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon, players will enjoy plenty of betting opportunities.

However, betting on these markets require players to have a solid tennis betting strategy. Picking a winner randomly may not pay off as it requires more effort other than a lucky guess for a player to win. However, by utilizing these tips and strategies, players will be able to improve their winning chances.

Best Way to Bet on Tennis

Tennis has a plethora of markets to bet on. Players will find these bet markets with most online bookies. Here are some of the ways to bet on tennis:

1. Money Lines

Also called a straight-up bet, players pick a winning team and place a stake on it. This bet option is the most common as it only requires a player to pick one winner.

2. Tennis-Point Spread

When one player has more advantages than the other, the sportsbook allocates handicap odds to make a bet even. A favorite player or the better player is given an odd with (-) while the underdog with (+) sign. Here is an example,

Novak Djokovic -4.5

Alexander Zverev +4.5

If a punter bets on the first player, the 4.5 is subtracted from the total score, and the remaining should be good enough for the punter to win the bet. On the other hand, Alexander must not lose with more than 4.5 for a punters bet to win.

3. Over or Under Total Games

This bet option is different from soccer betting. Here, punters bet on the number of set players will play before knocking each or winning. For example, if a bookie gives 2.5 as the number (sets or?), punters can bet under or over 2.5 to signal that the players will play less than 2.5 sets or more.

4. Correct Score

With the correct score bet, the player bets what each player playing the game will score. The prediction has to be accurate for the wager to win. If a punter bets that team A will win two sets, the said team has to lead in two sets for the punter’s bet to win.

How to Pick the Best Tennis Sportsbook

There are hundreds of sportsbooks in the market that offer tennis betting. However, not all of them can serve every player’s needs as they all focus on different things. For example, one sportsbook can focus on 11 tournaments while another one can focus on only two. This means the bookie may or may not comprehensively cover all the events that a punter is looking for. Here are some of the things that you should check when choosing a sportsbook for the tennis bet market.


A reputable sportsbook should have the following qualities:

· Reliable customer service

· User-friendly user interface and work on various devices

· Offer great lines and odds

· Offer attainable bonuses

· Pay winnings at the right time

Apart from reputation, it’s also crucial to also look at how the bookie addresses the issues and concerns raised by the clients.

Live Betting

Live betting is where punters can bet on an ongoing match. It’s an exciting betting experience and gives bettors a good chance of winning as they can catch up with a game while betting. However, not all bookmakers have the option of live betting as they close the markets as soon as the event begins.


Many sportsbooks have a variety of bonuses for their customers including welcome bonuses. However, it’s essential to confirm if the offers available are applicable to tennis games. For instances, there are certain bonuses that are only applicable to soccer games. All in all, an ideal bookie should release a prize even if players are betting on tennis events.

Banking Options

Another factor to look at before joining a sportsbook is the banking options available. Looking at the available payment options help players know how they will be able to make deposits and withdrawals without any issues.

Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

Tennis events run from January to November, which means punters have a plethora of events to bet on and make huge profits. However, this is only possible if the players can utilize various tips and strategies to increase their winning.

1) Analyze the form of each player

Looking at a player’s performance from the previous months including the less popular tournaments such as ATP Challenger Tour is essential. It helps evaluate the capabilities of a player when playing in the big tournaments. For example, an older player might miss small matches to save strength for more significant events. However, some players don’t perform as well when they leave the court for a while. Evaluating what a player does, whether they have any injuries, their strengths and weaknesses will help choose who to bet on.

2) The Court Surface

Players like Rafael Nadal are quite dominant on clay. As a matter of fact, Nadal won 12 of his 19 major titles while playing on clay. Different players perform differently depending on the surface of the court they are on. Evaluating a player’s recent performance and form on different types of tennis courts can help you decide whether to bet on them or not.

3) Head-to-Head Performance

Looking at how the players in question performed the previous times they met helps predict what might happen in the future. Bettors can find all the head-to-head records on various online tools and sites. However, similar records are also available to some bookmakers, which means that bettors could have a challenge choosing the ideal player to bet on.

4) Seek Value in Opposing Fan Favorite

There are certain tennis players who are loved more than others. The public tends to support the most loved player. However, betting on the least loved player could be advantageous. For example, when Federer played Djokovic in 2015, 75 percent watched the game because they loved Federer. But, Djokovic won the game by four sets.