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While the United States is new to legal sports betting, is not. For years, BetAmerica has been available as a player in the online betting markets by offering their main product, horse racing, as well as a few other legal options such as Daily Fantasy Sports. Times change though and since the great state of New Jersey has ushered in a new era of sports gambling, BetAmerica has stepped up their game and introduced a sportsbook as well as a casino to their line of products. BetAmerica is here for your gambling needs, that’s for sure and, if you are in New Jersey, they want your action.

However, the online sports gambling competition is thick in New Jersey these days as the state has licensed over 10, at last count, online sportsbooks. BetAmerica has the experience you want in an online sportsbook but does it have the rest of the goods to compete in this new market? We looked into it for you and here’s what we found.

Signing and Availability

As mentioned and still holding true,, the sportsbook, is only available in New Jersey. The Garden State is way out in front when it comes to online gambling and, as we mentioned, have already handed out plenty of online licenses. That’s not to say that this won’t change as other states are hard at work chasing the tax revenue legal sports betting is sure to bring. Since this is the case, we are sure to see available in more states in due time.

That said, for everyone in or nearby New Jersey, makes signing up and logging in very simple. There are the standard security questions and personal details to enter but the entire process doesn’t take more than just a few minutes. Their years of online gambling experience at shows itself immediately upon opening their site. Every bug has been worked out and their interface is flawless. Sign Up Bonuses

Sign Up Bonuses have long been the biggest ploy to bring in new customers in online gambling. Of course, this is before the legal sites began popping up. They remain an important part of online gambling but are not nearly as eye-popping as before. That said, has two bonuses you are eligible to receive just for signing up and both are rock solid offers.

The first is the 100% Initial Matching Bonus where will match your very first deposit 100% all the way up to $500. If you deposit $20, they’ll add $20 more. $100 gets you $200 and so on all to $500. It’s a fantastic bonus which allows you to double your funds before you even place a wager. The second is a Live Betting Free Bet which is available the very first time you employ their “Live Betting” option. This bonus throws you a free $20 just for using this feature. Sportsbook Promo Code

Promo codes are a big part of online sports gambling these days as many sites use them in their advertising campaigns but not at This site has a more direct approach to doling out its bonuses with their “Promotions” page. Everything is laid out there perfectly and every bonus is easy to utilize even without a promo code. Sportsbook Free Bets does come with several good bonuses and some of them are of the Free Bet variety. As mentioned, there is the Live Betting Free Bet which is available on only your very first “Live Betting” use. Plus, there are bonuses which come and go throughout the year and some of these may be Free Bets. Sportsbook Promotions

You have your Sign Up bonuses at and you have your Free Bets at and none of them come with a promo code. However, doesn’t stop there. They offer more sports or wager specific bonuses on their “Promotions” page. These bonuses will earn you money directly into your account for placing a certain type of wager or wagering on a certain sport. $20 for placing a $100 NCAA basketball wager or $5 back on any $20 wager you lay. Their ‘Promotions” page is only a click away in on the site and should be visited every time you login. has more free plays available at their “FreePlay” page. Just a separate click away but always worth checking out, the FreePlay option gives users a menu of quick bonuses to utilize everyday. Pick Five contests, NCAA March Madness Bracket tournaments, Super Bowl squares, Pick the Final NHL score, and many more are all available for free and they change every day. Just click to enter and did doesn’t cost a thing. The prizes are usually split between the winners but these FreePlays are fun and a great way to pad your account at no cost to your bottomline. Just like their Promotions page, FreePlay is worth the click everytime. Sportsbook Features

An online sportsbook’s big chance to stand out from the crowd is with the features they offer and has some solid features on their hands. This sportsbook and site is very professional and so are their features.

– Sports – has just about every sport you can wager on available in their sportsbook. Not only all the favorites like football and baseball but many of those strange and very foreign sports, too. Motorsports, cycling, all of the major soccer leagues, Aussie Rules, rugby, darts,and tennis, just to name a few. Some on the online sportsbooks available in New Jersey have skipped over this feature but not and they get credit for doing so.

-Live Betting – “Live Betting” is the hottest feature in online gambling these days and has this option available for its players. No more missing out on a wager because a game has already begun. No more not finding the line you want. With “Live Betting,” you have a whole new world of sports gambling at you hands and puts it at the front and center. You can’t miss it and it’s not to be missed.

– Casino – also has a casino available online. However, unlike a few other sites, doesn’t make the casino the main attraction and obscure their other products at the same time. is a sportsbook first and foremost but they’ve still embraced the online casino. They offer plenty of table games and slots and the casino has its own set of bonuses for playing. Just as the sportsbook has “Live Betting,” the casino has a “Live Dealer,” option for several of its table games. This option will give you some better odds and what player doesn’t like that.

– How To – Unlike many of the other sportsbooks, offers its users all of the sports betting info they have with an easy-to-find “How To” page which can inform every gambler on all thing sports betting. Terms, wagers, odds, and stakes are all explained and has something to offer all gamblers, old and new.

– Horsebook – As mentioned earlier, got its start as a horse racing book and it continues to this day. This horsebook is one of their best products with tracks from all over the world available every single day. You can get your wager down all the way to post time so it has everything a world class track can offer. This is where it all started for and it shows.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your online sportsbook has always been a headache. This may still remain the case for the illegal offshore accounts still widely available but not with the legal sites of New Jersey. Every site has quick, easy, and secure deposits as well as withdrawals and is no different. In fact, has the most options concerning deposits and withdrawals that we’ve seen. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, eCheck, Online Banking, PayNearMe, and Skrill are all available for deposits and withdrawals. Some methods of payment may take longer than others but this is all industry standard and dependent on the method you select. There are no hidden fees and no hassles as with the off-shore accounts and does the job the right way too. is definitely one of our favorite online sportsbooks we’ve seen. They manage to walk that fine line between keeping it simple and still providing plenty of features and services. Their years of experience from their online horse racing days clearly shows and they’ve been able to carry that over to their sportsbook and casino. The bonuses are great and odds are fair which is all any sports gambler wants at the end of the day. This sportsbook won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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