Betting Sites

While Betting News is your place to stay up to date with all the latest news in the gambling world, we are also dedicated to ensuring your time betting online is a safe and enjoyable one. We have assembled a team of experts that have decades of experience in the online gambling world, and this group’s mandate is to bring you a series of comprehensive, honest betting site reviews. There are so many options for you when it comes time to make a deposit and start betting, we think it’s only fair to give you the best chance of choosing a site you will want to stick with for a long time.

Many players ask us how we decided to put this site together. Honestly, we are all gamblers just like you – we love to bet on just about anything, and we also found the online betting space to be cluttered and confusing at times. We have seen our fair share of ups and downs in this industry over the last two decades, and we just felt the time was right to bring together the best reviews to go along with all the news you are looking for from a site.

Below you’ll find our comprehensive guide to the various types of betting sites available online, covering a wide variety of sportsbooks, as well as in-depth reviews by category.

Features of a Good Betting Site

Our team has played at hundreds of online betting sites, and we attempt to write reviews of all the ones we come across. This is no small task – at last check, there were well over 1,000 different betting sites available. This is why we put our team to work, testing and reviewing everything about each betting site to be able to summarize our findings for you in each review. Here are a few criteria that we consider when performing each betting site review.

Available Products

You may be someone looking for a place to make sports bets, or someone who wants to play some Texas Hold’em, or maybe a big fan of spinning a slot machine’s reels. When you get to selecting a site to make a deposit, that may be the focus for you, but we want you to see everything a site has to offer. Finding a site that offers not only the best action for your favorite game but has a full complement of other products can be a benefit as it limits the number of accounts you need to open and fund. Before you choose a site, you should consider what games you may want to play and then read our reviews to see which are the top-rated across the board.

Bonuses and Promotions

Having great software and a nice list of games is one thing, but we are always looking for ways that players can get more value out of a site. This typically means taking a deep dive into the Promotions section of the company. Each site has a set of bonuses designed to entice you to deposit and play, but not all bonuses are the same.

We look at all the deposit bonuses, ongoing promotions and loyalty programs a site offers to determine which provide you with the best return on your money. While online betting sites can be very entertaining, remember that it is better to walk away with more money than you started with!

Mobile Capability

These days, the odds are that you are spending far more time on your phone or tablet than on your PC (don’t lie, you are reading this from one of those devices, aren’t you?. The good news is that as the shift started from desktop to mobile devices, the gambling industry was at the forefront of mobile development. Now, while Apple and Google have taken their sweet time in playing nice regarding allowing real money betting apps in their stores, the bottom line is that almost every type of betting option is available via the browser of your mobile device. We test all the mobile options to ensure the quality of gameplay is just as strong as the desktop version of each site.

The Best Betting Sites

There are hundreds of excellent sites to choose from, so when we review a betting site, we attach a rating to each. This allows us to quickly filter each site by its ranking to bring you lists like the one you see below. Our list of Recommended Betting Sites offers you the choice of some of the best sites available today – each of the sites on this list has been given the highest rating by our team of experts which should give you the peace of mind to confidently select one, make a deposit and get to playing!

Each of these sites offers something slightly different, so it is worth your time to click on each of the links and read each review in detail. Then, you will be able to make an informed choice based on your betting needs. We hope you have an excellent betting experience and please send us any feedback you have on these sites or any others you have tried.