Sportradar’s Deal with NBC Sports a Natural fit for Expanding Sports Betting Future

Jay Dieffenbach

NBC Sports announced a content partnership with Sportradar that will improve the analytics presentation on the network’s regional sports networks and is likely a move to push NBC forward within the sports betting industry.

Sportradar, a sports betting and entertainment services provider, reached an agreement with NBC Sports Regional Networks to provide the RSNs with a “comprehensive suite of solutions and offerings from its Broadcast Services to enhance its live-game coverage,” according to its Thursday announcement.

“Sportradar is excited to expand its relationship with the NBC Sports Regional Networks as they continue to evolve their offerings to further engage the next-generation sports fan,” said Brian Josephs, Sportradar’s vice president, Digital Sport.

The companies already had a deal in place, but this improves and expands betting data and available content.

Sportradar’s announcement touted the creative nature of an April 22 National Basketball Association game between the Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Hornets in which an “alternative” broadcast was available to NBC Sports Chicago viewers. It included a richer presentation of graphics and analysis.

From the NBC side, its RSNs will now be able to offer improved content using Sportradar’s expertise to mesh live sports and data.

“The NBC Sports Regional Networks are committed to delivering impactful, entertaining and informative live-game experiences, and continuing to experiment and enhance our coverage through technology and innovation,” said Jon Slobotkin, NBC Sports Regional Networks senior VP for content and live programming.

“Advanced data is a significant component of those efforts, and Sportradar delivers the services and capabilities we need to best serve fans and meet their evolving preferences for how they consume content covering their favorite teams and players.”

The partnership also figures to allow the RSNs to provide “faster data updates on-screen and … more captivating graphics to complement live game action.”

The growing trend toward sophisticated analytics – sports fans have shown a marked hunger for elite analysis in real time during broadcasts, which blends in with the expansion of sports betting – makes elite presentations a must for broadcast rights holders.

“NBC Sports Regional Networks are iconic and have shaped the way that fans watch their favorite teams and athletes,” Josephs added. “Our technology platform and 360-degree approach enable them to tap into a number of our capabilities and will give them the flexibility they need to create tailored experiences that meet the changing demands and expectations of their audiences.”

Sportradar will continue to specialize in league data (MLB Statcast powered by Google Cloud, NBA Advanced Stats), both of which allow for consumers to find new ways to break down a game – and to analyze potential wagers on those games.

From the Sportradar/Betradar website update published on Thursday:

Many operators are looking to scale up whilst keeping costs low in order to satisfy anticipated levels of demand, which will only increase given the congested nature of the global sporting calendar in the coming months.

Therefore, the opportunity to strike partnerships with third-party suppliers that can assume responsibility for key responsibilities has never been more important for ambitious betting companies.

Our new thought paper “How partnering with Sportradar can future-proof your betting business” explores the opportunities, challenges and concerns relating to partnerships in the betting industry, with a special focus on the field of trading and risk management, and will also look to the future to see how relationships between suppliers and operators will continue to evolve.

The content displayed on the in-game broadcasts also brings a deeper understanding, gambling aside, of the personalities and decision-making among the game’s participants. Naturally, more elite-level analysis through statistics brings more insight in real-time.

And the partnership figures to provide a nice bridge toward their future in the sports betting industry.

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