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NBA Championship Futures After the First Round

Ryan K Ryan (aka Knup) is truly a pioneer in writing sports betting content. He has been involved with sports betting and writing for over 10 years and won multiple handicapping contests.

Round One of the NBA playoffs has finally come to a close. This was one of the more memorable Round One’s in recent memory and were even treated to two Game 7’s. Now Round Two is here and it’s time to start considering an NBA Championship Futures bet. After the first round is a great time to play a championship bet.

The field has been narrowed down while the odds remain favorable. Bettors have enough information to make an informed bet and get the best odds they can. But what and where are the best odds. We were wondering the same thing. So we went out and studied sportsbooks from Vegas to the Caymans for all the latest NBA Championship odds and here are the averages of what we found.

+12000 – Utah Jazz –

The Jazz find themselves the longest of shots and it’s really not all their fault. Getting past Oklahoma City in six games was a great but then they lost Ricky Rubio to a hamstring injury. He is listed day-to-day but is not expected to play in their series against the top-seeded Houston Rockets. A series they already find themselves down in as the Houston Rockets proved too tough in Game 1. Despite a great year and the best efforts of Donovan Mitchell, a championship is not in the cards this year.

+10000 – New Orleans Pelicans/Boston Celtics –

The Pelicans and Celtics find themselves long shots but for varying reasons. Firstly, the Pelicans, coming off a great series sweep of the Portland Trailblazers, find themselves already down a game against Golden State Warriors. As well as the Pelicans are playing, going through the Warriors and then the Rockets to get to the Finals is just too much. The Celtics have an easier road to the Finals but, like the Jazz, have lost a Jalen Brown to a hamstring injury. The Celtics have been overcoming injuries all year. However, this one may do them in.

+2200 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron has found himself in odd situations all year and the playoffs haven’t been any different. It took a Game 7 win over the Pacers to get to round two. The Raptors await in round two and should be just as tough to get past. However, this is Lebron James we are talking about. He wins a lot. He goes to the Finals a lot. He wins in the Finals a lot. At +2200, this seems more like a good line than a long shot.

+1200 – Toronto Raptors –

Teams from the Eastern Conference without Lebron James on the roster are going to be long shots. And the Raptors are not immune. Despite being the one seed in the East, they still don’t get much respect from the odds or from the betting public. They are a good team and had another good year but getting to the Finals and beating anyone from the West seems impossible.

+700 – Philadelphia 76ers –

Philly is the hot team right now and you’ve got to love a team who gets hot in the playoffs. They are young, young, and young but are the sexy pick to make it to the Finals out of the East. Can they make it to the Finals? Yes. Can they win in the Finals? No. They are still a few years away from a serious run at a title and the +700 reflects that.

+180 – Houston Rockets –

Our final two are the only teams the oddsmakers are giving a real chance to take the Finals. Although they are the top seed in the West and had the best record in the league during the regular season, the Rockets still don’t find themselves the odds-on favorites. There is some value here as a futures bet as the top three favorites usually are. As mentioned, the +180 is an average so you can find the Rockets at +200 and even +220.

Which are good numbers for a futures bet especially for a team as good as Houston. Make no mistake, this line has the best value to sports gamblers. They will be tough to beat so expect a good series in the Western Conference Finals as the oddsmakers seem to believe that will determine on Finals winner.

-160 – Golden State Warriors –

Everyone loves the Warriors. And what’s not to love. They’ve won two of the last 3 Finals. They have Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. And Klay Thompson. And Draymond Green. And Andre Iguodala. They’ve been fighting injuries the whole season but look to be getting back into championship form. Steph Curry should be back in the second round but they will hold him out as long as they can. It’s safe to say the lines you’ll see have been bet down. The Warriors are as popular as they are talented after all. If you like to bet on favorites, grab this one before it goes any lower.     

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Ryan K
Ryan K Ryan (aka Knup) is truly a pioneer in writing sports betting content. He has been involved with sports betting and writing for over 10 years and won multiple handicapping contests.

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