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Look into Live Betting with All Your Sports Bets

Ryan K Ryan (aka Knup) is truly a pioneer in writing sports betting content. He has been involved with sports betting and writing for over 10 years and won multiple handicapping contests.

For all the sports gamblers playing online, you may have noticed the “Live Betting” feature now available on the sports betting sites. Some sites have had it available for years but pretty much all of the sites are offering it now. For a long time, the closest we could get to Live Betting was placing a wager on the 2nd half of a game already in progress. And it would be just that. A bet on the 2nd half outcome and not the final score. But thankfully technology has won again and now a sports bettor can place a bet on the final outcome of a game as late as the fourth quarter.

Just as all things internet, the first versions of Live Betting were slow and unreliable. This made it tough to get a bet placed (the lines change quickly in Live Betting) and probably turned off more than a few people. Yours truly included. However, just as all things internet, the tech has caught up to demand and we now have just as many betting options after tip-off as we did before it.

There are good bets and there are bad bets and Live Betting is no different. It may seem as if betting a game 10 minutes into it would give the gambler a big advantage and it can. But it has to be well placed, just with any good wager. Here we will look at a few of the better plays to make and strategy to use when Live Betting.

The Hedge

Obviously, Live Betting is a perfect opportunity to hedge a bet. Find your team a little too far back to cover? Post a Live Bet the other way to cut your losses. You’ll find you’ll have plenty of options but note that the oddsmakers know this too. The line will fluctuate with every possession and score (Basketball is insane). A good hedge is not a new bet based on the current score. A good hedge is made with the original bet in mind. If you gave eight points and are down 20, don’t bet the other team giving 20. Now you can lose twice. That is not the point of a hedge. Betting the moneyline would be the smarter play. Accept your loss but cut your losses.

Looking for Your Number

I’ve never liked buying points. It’s a strange option available on most point spread bets. It screws your odds all around and costs you extra money on a bet you were never sure about in the first place. Every so often there is a game where you wish you had just one more point. Or even half a point more for you to lay your bet. But the line just doesn’t move that way and you either don’t lay the bet or you stay away all together. Live Betting is a good option in this scenario. Once the game starts, the lines move. Fast. And as quickly as the first few possessions or pitches, the line could be exactly where you want it. Buying points is for suckers. Especially with Live Betting as an option.

Would-Be Blowouts

Every week there a lines you just ignore. A heavy favorite, for instance. They are -1400 on the moneyline. They are giving 35 points on the road. There is no value on that moneyline and 35 points is too much to give. So you ignore it. Wisely. Live Betting can turn this into a playable bet. Underdogs jump out to leads all the time that you know they aren’t going to hold. It’s only a matter of time before that heavy favorite comes steamrolling back. Check the Live Betting option for the new lines. If you catch it at the right time, you can grab big odds and easy wins. Five minutes into the game, that heavy favorite went from giving 35 to getting 8. The earlier the better on these bets. This happens surprisingly often. Look for big rivalry games or in-conference games, that’s where this will happen the most.

Now that the bugs have been ironed out of Live Betting, I recommend looking into it. There are some interesting bets to be made and some good value to collect.

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Ryan K
Ryan K Ryan (aka Knup) is truly a pioneer in writing sports betting content. He has been involved with sports betting and writing for over 10 years and won multiple handicapping contests.

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