Betting Futures: The 2018 World Cup: Part II Betting Futures: The 2018 World Cup: Part II
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Betting Futures: The 2018 World Cup: Part II

Take a look at the betting odds to win the 2018 World Cup as part of future bets.

With the first week of the 2018 World Cup behind us, we’ve seen some great action on the pitch as well as in the sportsbook. The globe’s most popular sport has lived up to the hype as we’ve seen some great goal scoring as well as great matches. There have been plenty of wagers placed and cashed out and plenty of upsets to help pad your bankrolls. Mexico has looked outstanding and shows no signs of slowing down as they head toward the knockout rounds. One of their victims, defending champion and still heavy favorite, Germany has been on a rollercoaster facing a tough group and tough injuries as well. Ronaldo has seemingly put the entire nation of Portugal on his back as he looks to score everytime he gets a foot on the ball while Messi and Argentina are facing elimination from the tournament with a tough matchup versus Nigeria. A World Cup is always filled with memorable moments and the 2018 World Cup edition only has more to come.

With one week down, most of the teams have played two games in group play and because of this, we’ve seen the odds move and shift around not only game to game, but also in the Champion Futures. Wagering on individual games is fine and all but the big money is on picking the big winner. Let’s see how the favorites have fared and how their odds have changed after just one week.

Brazil +400

Still the powerhouse, Brazil continues their dominance as expected. But that doesn’t mean this team is invincible. A 1-1 tie versus Switzerland is proof enough. As controversial as it was, a tie is a tie and a tie for Brazil may as well be a loss. Neymar and company came back in their second game against Costa Rica to reestablish their place as the top rated nation. Which leads many to believe we haven’t seen Brazil at their best just yet so stay tuned. The +400 number is still a strong one.

Spain +450

Spain’s odds have diminished since the start of the tournament as they have one win and one tie. They were able to withstand Ronaldo’s hat trick for a 3-3 tie against Portugal and beat Iran 1-0. The surprise firing of their coach on the eve of the tournament still leaves a few uneasy with taking them all the way. However, this is such a veteran team, coaching staff included, one wonders how much the head coach matters. The four years between Cups is when a coach will earn his money. Once the Cup begins all the heavy lifting is done and it’s all about execution. Plus, if the oddsmakers are lowering the odds, Spain must be doing something right.

Belgium +700

Another team on the rise as their odds get lower. +700 is a great number for the best squad Belgium has ever had on the World Cup pitch. Panama and Tunisia didn’t stand much of a chance so their 3rd match versus England will prove just how good this team is. They’ve looked great thus far and the oddsmakers have noticed so there is plenty of value with this team and +700

Germany +700

After being upset by Mexico in their first match, Germany was basically facing elimination in their second match versus Sweden. However, a late goal pushed the Germans to a 2-1 win over the stunned Swedes. Mexico is a good team so a loss to them shouldn’t be that big of a surprise but this is Germany we are talking about. The defending champs. They’ve stared down some tough injuries to key players so we will have to see if they are back on their way up. It is too deep a team to think otherwise and +700 is still a good number for such a team.

France +750

Another team with odds moving backward. They’ve played well and won both of their first two matches. Australia and Peru were never favorites and neither win was by more than one goal. They should win their third match in similar fashion versus Denmark. A team this good flying under the radar is dangerous. This team is young but they are deep and winning close ones. +750 will feel good if this team goes as far as it can.

Enjoy the rest of the World Cup! And best of luck!

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